From Dull to Dazzling Home: Tips to renovate your Home before Canada Day

From Dull to Dazzling Home: Tips to renovate your Home before Canada Day

It’s time to celebrate Canada Day in style! Before beginning to work on the guest list, it is essential to work on your home. Learn what corners of your home need renovation and understand how a reliable and experienced home renovation contractor can help you do it.

Are you planning a Canada Day bash at your place? Have you decided to organize a stellar red-and-white themed party with an amazing menu? Is the guest list ready? What about your home? Does it match the Canada Day spirit and look vibrant and beautiful? If your home looks old and dull, itโ€™s time for a quick makeover.

Canada Day: Give your Home a Makeover for the Celebrations

Homeowners in Canada love home improvement projects. And, if you are someone who loves to keep their home beautiful, modern and sophisticated, it is the best time to make changes. The weather is perfect and you can make your home ready before Canada Day, the unofficial beginning of summer.

  • Spice up the Deck

If you are hosting a Canada Day party on the deck, it is essential to keep the deck in top shape. Broken lattices, loose nails and warped wood are all common issues that you need to check. A simple deck renovation in Toronto includes maintenance of the deck and a quick paint job according to your taste. You can install a retractable sun-shield to avoid the harsh sunlight. Consider the condition of the deck in advance to ensure a perfect setting for the party. If the deck is in good condition structurally, $1500-$2000 will be sufficient to restore it quickly and efficiently.

  • The Right Kind of Lighting

Having the right kind of lighting is perfect for setting the mood for any party. Light-up the deck with string lights to create a fun, festive atmosphere. If the deck requires work, hire an electrician to add lights to the stairs for perfect illumination. Change the deck post light to high-performance eco-friendly LED post lights and add beauty to your home. Even in-floor lighting is a way of adding light to the deck. Do not worry about the cost. A complete landscape lighting project may cost you $3500 approximately. But, simple renovation work on the deck will be just a couple of hundreds.

  • Refresh the Landscape

Raking the lawn and keeping it well curated is just the beginning of restoring the landscape. By adding new plants and flowers to your garden, you will be able to add instant color to the exterior. If you are running short of time, simply hire a handyman to finish your tasks. An experienced handyman will take care of the garden, clean up the water features in the yard, repair the driveway and do more. You can even ask him to power wash the siding and driveway to make the area shining. The cost of hiring a handyman will depend on the number of tasks and the level of complexity of the said tasks.

  • Do not focus only on the Exterior of your Home

Many homeowners think of the exterior structures when it comes to hosting a party. But, you need to ensure that your home in general looks good. It is obvious that your array of guests will be coming in your home. And, so it needs to be stylish and not dated. Here are a few tips to improve the look of your home before you send the invites for the party:

  • Heavy fabric, fringed trims and dirty blinds make any room dated. If you are looking for an affordable renovation, simply change the blinds. You can opt for light-weight floral curtains to welcome the season of summer.
  • Get rid of patchy, dirty wallpaper and revive the beauty of your walls. Painting is a favorite home renovation project for many because it can be finished over the weekend and it definitely uplifts the look of your home.
  • Lighting can make or mar the beauty of a room. By updating light fixtures in your home, you can instantly add charm to the place. Remove old gold-colored fixtures and opt for modern light fixtures.
  • Do not forget the bathroom! By simply fixing the leaky faucets and replacing broken fixtures, you can give a new look to the powder room. P.S. Donโ€™t forget to clean the vanity cabinets to take care of prying guests.
  • Keep the kitchen neat and clean. A simple coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can make them fresh and beautiful. Remove clutter from the kitchen by adding new shelves and storage compartments.

A Home Renovation Contractor makes all the Difference

To host a stellar Canada Day party, you need your home to be a place that’s relaxing, inviting and beautiful. Doing all things on your own can take a toll on your health plus, it may not give you the desired results. It is best to hire a home renovation contractor to take care of cleaning the deck, lighting the yard and keeping the landscape fresh. Choose someone with a wide experience of dealing with all types of home improvement projects. It will ensure that each and every part of your home is restored by the experts.

So, find a good home renovation contractor; finish up the improvement projects and get ready to enjoy Canada Day with your friends and family.

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    Great ideas as always! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to refresh the landscape and I’m sure going to have an experienced handyman do it for me ๐Ÿ™‚