Kitchen Renovations

Work with a creative, skilled and service-oriented kitchen contractor in Toronto and the GTA.
The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where we cook, bake, brew coffee, share meals with those we love, clink our glasses in celebration, and spend the most time. It’s also the room that gives you the most resale value out of a renovation.

And that’s why kitchen renovations get extra care and attention from our team to ensure that the end result is a beautifully designed space that meets every requirement.

Not just a kitchen cabinet company

From planning, to demolition to building and final inspection, the Home Improvement Group performs your kitchen renovation in its entirety. We design, source and install every element in your kitchen from wall to wall including:

We hold ourselves accountable for every aspect of your kitchen renovation, which also means we fix and rectify any deficiencies along the way, and see your project through to final sign-off.

A kitchen to suit every preference and budget

Our kitchen renovations are broken down into categories. Each category has its own classes of various styles, colours, layouts and materials. You tell us your budget and we guide you towards the renovation of a gorgeous kitchen that meets your needs and your price point.

Designing your ideal kitchen

One of the first steps in your Toronto or GTA kitchen renovation project is to have a consultation and planning session with a Home Improvement Group designer and renovation advisor. Here’s where you unload your wish list, tell us your vision and discuss key aspects of your dream space. Your designer takes your discussion and transforms it into a detailed, measured and fully-scoped 3D rendering that lets you visualize what’s to come. Working collaboratively, your drawings are revised, perfected and finalized prior to demolition.

On-trend features that make your life more convenient

We live and breathe renovations day in and day out, which gives us the unique ability to make recommendations you likely never would have thought of. Our team knows the latest technologies, styles and trends to not only give your kitchen the wow factor, but also the convenience and high-functioning layout that make everyday living more pleasurable.

We help you plan and design for:

Open concept

We can knock down half-walls, reposition key elements and give you a fresh, open look.


Everyone needs storage for a wide variety of things and we help you think of it all, from hidden toy cupboards under kitchen islands to conveniently positioned spice drawers beside your stove.

Mood setters

Purposeful lighting can work wonders in any space, especially the kitchen. From bright and vibrant, to dim and relaxing, we help you plan for every mood and time of day.

Energy efficiency

Purposeful lighting can work wonders in any space, especially the kitchen. From bright and vibrant, to dim and relaxing, we help you plan for every mood and time of day.

Charging stations

Loose, messy and dangling smartphone wires are a thing of the past. We can design and build custom, specialized charging drawers for your household devices – getting the job done in a way that’s clean and out of sight.

Flawless installations, warranty protected

Our kitchen renovation contractors and installers in the GTA are highly experienced and skilled. We work carefully and diligently to spec, mindful of your home every step of the way and committed to producing the best finished result that reflects a fine attention to detail. All workmanship is warrantied for one year, giving you added peace of mind.

Are you planning a kitchen renovation in Toronto or the GTA? Let’s discuss.

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