Renovate the Basement – It’s not just a Storage Space

Renovate the Basement – It’s not just a Storage Space

An unfinished basement is an essential opportunity for any homeowner in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. You can’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass without taking action. You can create a truly unique space in your home, we all crave more livable space and not to mention you create a new space for you and your family to enjoy. It’s a win, win situation.

The most important factor in a basement renovation is to select features and design element principles that will create a new basement space that you thought was only possible on HGTV.

The Home Improvement Group is a key player in the home renovation business, serving all of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Let the Home Improvement Group change your unfinished basement into a new trend setting living space that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Your visions of having that dream basement will finally come to fruition and your home will be the envy of the neighbourhood, it will be a conversation piece. The Home Improvement Group can effectively transform your unfinished basement space. They will draw up the plans from concept to completion. It`s a process that takes time but the renovation journey will be a positive one.

Consider these innovative ideas for your new basement space:

Home Office Space:

  • There is a natural progression as more and more homeowners choose to work from home. For whatever reason, for financial reasons, the family dynamic has changed or their business is growing and it makes sense to work at home. Rest assured you can create your home office suite on a grand scale and reap the rewards.

Open concept play area for the children:

  • You have a hard enough time keeping your children occupied. You can create the perfect basement environment with all the bells and whistles and more than likely your children will never want to leave.

Home Entertainment Cinema:

  • Just think you don`t have to drive over to the theatre, you don`t waste money on gas, tickets, concessions, you save money in the process. Wouldn`t it be a wonderful luxury in the lovely confines of your basement space. You can emulate the look and feel of your own personal theatre complete with theatre chairs, recessed lighting, a spectacular sound system, a popcorn machine. Your children will have a new place to frequent with family and friends.

Create a fireplace mantel:

  • Create warmth in your basement, and perhaps you can choose to clad the wall with stone to give it a rich feel.

Rental property suite:

  • This is a great opportunity to create a new cash flow for you and the family. The family dynamic continues to change and this may be an opportunity you can`t pass up. The bonus feature is that it adds resale value when you decide to sell.

The options are endless!

Let the skilled professionals at the Home Improvement Group change the old dungeon feel basement space into something of great extravagance and appeal. The renovation journey has come to an end, so make the most of your opportunity to enjoy your new finished basement with family and friends. You deserve it.