Wallpaper for a Day

Get 7.5 hours of wallpaper work completed in a single day!


How it works

The Home Improvement Group provides you with a dedicated professional who has experience with the removal and installation of wallpaper. We know how difficult it can be to remove old wallpaper without causing damage, and to apply new wallpaper that is perfectly aligned. So, let us do it all for you at a competitive cost! We are covered by WSIB, have insurance of $5 million in liability and provide a one-year warranty from the day of service.

What can the wallpaper specialist do?

Your dedicated wallpaper specialist will use a steamer to remove old wallpaper to minimize damage. Depending on the length of time it has been on your wall, minor patchwork may be required afterwards. When it comes to installing new, our team produces an excellent finished product, and is well-versed in numerous wallpaper types including pre-pasted vinyl, fabric wallpaper and grass cloth.


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