Deck RenovationA New and Improved Deck means Better use of Outdoor Space!

With the bustling city life, homeowners consider outdoor living space as an important consideration while building a home. If your home lacks a decent deck, it’s time to build one and add more joy to your social life. Work with The Home Improvement Group to build a well-thought deck structure or renovate an old one to suit your needs. The home renovation & additions contractor has experience of several years in designing ingenious deck with optimum use of available space.

Comprehensive Deck Renovation Services at your Doorstep

With the efficient services of The Home Improvement Group, you can enjoy a stress-free deck renovation project. Our renovation team will visit you to understand your requirements, inspect the conditions of the deck, and create a comprehensive, durable deck repair plan. With our trusted services, you can be assured of minimal disruption to your routine. Our team is experienced in several deck maintenance issues such as:
  • Wood scratches
  • Broken lattice
  • Broken railing
  • Loose nails
  • Mold, mildew and other growths.
The Home Improvement Group will improve the life of your deck by undertaking a complete renovation project within a budget that you feel comfortable. Our renovation service includes:
    • Removal of Stains and Discoloration

Over a period of time, the deck can suffer discoloration and stains due to a variety of reasons. Wear and tear, old deck boards, mold and mildew, etc. can make the deck look ugly. Allow The Home Improvement Group to take care of the problem.
    • Taking Care of Warped Wood

Toronto has colder winters and summers are hot and humid. And, changes in temperature can take a toll on the deck wood. Our team will analyze the condition of the deck and check for cracked wood or warped wood.
    • Replacing Damaged Deck Boards

If the wood is badly damaged or the problem of dry rot has affected the deck, we will remove the deck boards to prevent further infestation. The Home Improvement Group will take preventative steps such as using wood preservative to keep the deck in top shape.
    • Painting the Deck

Painting and staining a deck not only adds to its aesthetic value but it also allows you to protect the wood from moisture. By using waterproof paints and premium-quality sealants that are specially developed for outdoor structures, we will ensure best results.

Decks are not meant for DIY

When it comes to installing a new deck, you need to consider the local building codes. Does the municipal government allow for building decks in your neighborhood? If yes, what are the rules? Also, if you want to build a new deck or any other outdoor structure, you will have to apply for building permit.  It means doing DIY project can take a toll on you. Remember that having a durable and beautiful deck requires expertise. It is not as simple as painting a wall or DIYing a TV cabinet. You need to make decisions about choosing wood deck or composite deck. Also, there are several things to consider which can delay the entire project.

Call The Home Improvement Group for Deck Renovation Services

Whether it is adding life to an old deck or giving a new look to the landscape with a new one, trust the expert deck renovation services of The Home Improvement Group. Call (905) 502 0204 or book an appointment online to create beautiful outdoor space.