Condo Renovations

Trust the condo reno experts in Toronto and the GTA.

The Home Improvement Group is a trusted condo renovations company in downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. From liaising with your condo corporation, to bringing a highly experienced approach to each unique unit we work on, we help condo owners renovate with efficiency and quality.

Floor to ceiling

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, our team handles every aspect of your condo renovation.


Our designers provide plans, sketches and 3D renderings.


Once you approve, we demolish and properly discard of the old.


Choose from a wide variety of flooring options to suit every style.


Bring a fresh kitchen to life with new cabinetry, countertops and backsplash.


Refresh with updated tiles, counters, showers and bathtubs.


Choose colours that match your new materials and finishes.

Respect and protection

Our condo renovation team in Toronto and the GTA works professionally, both inside your unit and throughout your building. We understand the need to schedule elevators at appropriate times and lay coverings to protect different spaces, such as elevator walls, your unit’s front door and anything else that needs to be preserved. With the right areas protected as we work, we ensure no damage is done.

Collaborating with your condo corporation

We’ve worked with many condo corporations over the years and we know what they require from a renovator in order to approve the work. The Home Improvement Group is happy to comply and work collaboratively according to these requirements, which typically include WSIB, company insurance, regular meetings with the manager of the building to coordinate work, proper removal and disposing of garbage, and strict adherence to time rules (9am to 4pm, no weekends).

Knowing your limitations

Condo living is wonderful but when it comes to renovations, you’re bound by the condo corporation’s rules and guidelines. Every condominium will differ in its regulations, and the Home Improvement Group acts as your liaison, making sure your complete plan falls within the scope of what is permitted.

What to expect

When the Home Improvement Group performs a condo renovation in Toronto and the GTA, our clients can count on:

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