Certified and Licensed Plumbers in Toronto

When you work with plumbers from the Home Improvement Group, you know the job is done right.

From fixing pesky leaks right through to large-scale plumbing projects for home or office renovations, our plumbers in Toronto and the GTA are experienced professionals who give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Expert plumbers

Plumbing is an integral component of every home or building. Precise, high-quality plumbing is what ensures the flow of water exactly as it should be, without the risk of constant replacements, leaks or issues. That’s why we strictly hire licensed and certified plumbers who are capable of providing the level of workmanship our company is committed to.

Up to code

When a home is old and outdated, it’s likely that the plumbing no longer meets the current code and industry standard. Our Toronto and GTA plumbers carefully inspect your home plumbing systems, replace the necessary materials and update your fixtures.


We know how scary it can be to find a leak in your home or office. Quick service is of the essence and you need to move fast. That’s why The Home Improvement Group has several plumbers who are always ready to help in a hurry.

Relocation and reconfiguration

Think you’re limited to the current layout of your plumbing? Sometimes a home renovation sheds light on an improved design that requires the relocation of your existing plumbing – for example, where the toilet is in your bathroom, or the addition of a sink on your kitchen island where there wasn’t one before.

Our plumbers have years of experience relocating and reconfiguring plumbing systems to meet a wide range of renovation needs.

Hourly and quoted jobs

For quick and simple plumbing jobs we’re happy to charge hourly for our work, keeping things fair and flexible. When larger-scale plumbing projects are required, particularly on home and office renovations, we provide line-by-line, detailed quotes so you know exactly what to budget for the work.

Plumbing for home renovations

In a home renovation, there are all kinds of plumbing needs that arise. Depending on your design, layout and plan, there are numerous plumbing requirements to ensure that everything works exactly as it should. Our Toronto plumbers finish every job they start, resulting in continuity, accountability and quality work.

Plumbing in offices and commercial buildings

From industrial piping to high-rise boilers, from warehouse plumbing to public washrooms, our plumbers have experience with a wide range of commercial plumbing systems. Equipped with the specialized tools and parts required in commercial settings, our plumbers complete every job efficiently and effectively.

Need a professional plumber in Toronto or the GTA? We’re fully staffed and at your service.

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