Get a fresh coat from our expert painters in Toronto and the GTA to make your home look like new again.

There’s nothing quite like the magic of a fresh coat of paint. Simple yet wildly effective, a new colour can refresh your space, giving it just the change you were looking for. Our expert painters are detail oriented and masters at their craft, working efficiently on the interior or exterior of your home.

Interior painting jobs

The Home Improvement Group performs a wide range of interior painting work in Toronto and the GTA. We have accounts with Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Dulux and we pass on our corporate discount of 30-50% directly to you!

Wall painting

Every wall painting job gets primer (if changing colours from dark to light) and two coats of paint. From covering your floors, to filling holes and smoothing grooves, we prep everything ahead of time before painting begins.

Trim, casings and doors

Detailed and intricate work, our painters make sure every curve and crevice is painted fresh, with brilliantly straight cut lines – the true mark of a professional job well done.

 Smooth ceilings

Stucco is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you want to update your ceilings, our team has years of experience seamlessly removing old stucco, flattening the surface area and leaving clients with smooth and modern ceilings.

 Wallpaper removal and installation

Is your old, outdated wallpaper stuck on your walls? Not to worry. Our painters have special techniques to remove your old wallpaper with minimal damage. With wallpaper back in style, if you still like the look, we can install new and contemporary designs in powder rooms or on feature walls for a dynamic effect.

Staining and cabinet refinishing

Give your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry a facelift in an effective yet inexpensive way. We carefully remove your cabinets and take them offsite to be sanded, re-stained or painted fresh. When we reinstall, you’ll have a newly modernized room at a fraction of the cost of a full reno.

Floor and stairs

Hardwood floors withstand the test of time, but even those boards could use a little TLC after years of wear and tear. Our painting team can perform a full refurbishment including sanding and re-staining for a refreshed appearance, or even a full change if you alter the colour of your stain.

Exterior painting jobs

Using high-quality outdoor paint designed to handle the elements, the Home Improvement Group’s exterior painters can revive a number of areas outside your home. We use primer wherever required, and all areas get a full two coats to maximize durability and polish the look.

Brick painting

Modernize and boost your curb appeal by painting the brick on your home’s exterior.

Siding painting

If the siding on your home is weathered and dated, consider repainting it. This will cover up the blemishes and completely update your exterior, particularly if you opt for a colour change.

Decks, pergolas and cabanas

Painting and staining are two of the most effective and inexpensive ways to rejuvenate your favourite outdoor structures for excellent visual appeal and full enjoyment through the seasons.


Is your shed looking a little ratty? A fresh coat of paint might be all it needs to elevate the appearance of your surrounding outdoor space.


If you want a modern and contemporary exterior that also avoids the inevitable, weathered grey look, consider staining or painting your fence. You have the flexibility to choose whatever colour you like to suit your style and outdoor ambiance.

Painter of the Day – SPECIAL OFFER

The Home Improvement Group offers a special full-day painting package called Painter of the Day. Priced at $499 (without paint) and $549 (with two gallons of Dulux Expert paint), this package gives you 7.5 hours of painting completed in a single day.

Is your Toronto or GTA home in need of painting? Trust the expertise of the Home Improvement Group.

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