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Meet the Founder

“Find something you love to do and make it a job.” — Christine DeFranco

My name is Christine DeFranco and I am the Owner and Founder of The Home Improvement Group. I’m woman in a man’s world, but beyond that I’m a passionate professional who wakes up genuinely excited to go to work, liaising between clients on the frontend and my valued workers behind the scenes. There’s nothing I love more than helping people build happy homes where they can create memories to last a lifetime. This company was built on the foundation of doing everything right, in an industry that has little to no focus on customer service. To me, exceptional customer service means relating to people, hearing what they have to say, treating them like family, having open conversations, working collaboratively and never quitting until I’ve gone above and beyond.

I come from a background in retail, where it was my responsibility to drive sales and lead a large team. Since opening the doors of The Home Improvement Group several years ago, I have transferred that expertise to the world of renovations. Pushing past doubts and threats of failure from others, I show up with a diligent work ethic, ready to put my skills to the test. Over the years, I’ve fostered a tightly knit team of talented people who come to work for all the right reasons.

Each day brings new experiences and challenges, none of which I shy away from. I consider it my top priority to see your vision the way you do, and then provide you with expert design recommendations and advice that helps us all create the kind of solution that makes you smile ear to ear.

My personal values shine through everything I do in my business. I believe in being fair, honest, open-minded, hardworking, determined, passionate, thorough, caring and creative. Always surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, these values are reflected in my team, my customers and the end results I produce.

From demo to completion

The Home Improvement Group is with you every step of the way. We design, plan, tear down and build up. When demolition begins, we remove the old and neatly take everything away. Building new includes all tasks from framing, drywalling and painting, to electrical, plumbing and HVAC, to cabinetry, countertops, floors and closet organizers.

Certified and Insured

Employees and contractors are covered under WSIB, and all our work is fully insured. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens on the job, there is the right coverage in place.

We stand behind our work

At The Home Improvement Group, we believe in treating our clients well. Just like family. And that means we provide fair and competitive pricing, and quality workmanship from beginning to end. Our projects are covered under a one-year warranty.

Full transparency

Open and honest communication is our hallmark. We never leave you in the dark or let a detail go undiscussed. From the moment we connect at the start of your project, to the moment we leave your home and close the door behind us, we are communicating with you openly, honestly and collaboratively.

Organized planning

Renovations call for a high level of organization and strategic scheduling. At The Home Improvement Group, we have an entire department dedicated to creating and managing project schedules behind the scenes. This ensures that the day the plumber is supposed to show up, he does. And the day the countertops are supposed to be installed in your brand-new kitchen, they are.

Meet our Team

Christine DeFranco

Owner and Founder of The Home Improvement Group
Christine DeFranco, the heart and soul behind The Home Improvement Group, embodies a rare passion for her craft, evident in her unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Her approach isn’t just about completing projects; it’s about creating spaces where families can thrive and build lasting memories. In an industry often criticized for its lack of focus on customer satisfaction, Christine’s dedication to doing everything right sets her company apart. At the core of Christine’s philosophy is the belief that exceptional customer service goes beyond mere atransactions; it’s about building relationships, listening attentively, and treating clients like family. This ethos permeates every aspect of The Home Improvement Group’s operations.

Francine Acocella

Finance Manager

Francine has dedicated nearly a decade to The Home Improvement Group, serving as the primary liaison for customers, vendors, and trades regarding financial matters. Her sharp analytical abilities and exceptional communication skills shine through in her interactions with clients and partners. Notably, her meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach set her apart in her role.

Shawna Vratsidas

Project Co-ordinator
Shawna has been an integral part of The Home Improvement Group for the past 5 years, taking charge of project scheduling to ensure seamless and timely execution. Her responsibilities encompass meticulous planning, organization, and oversight of our trades’ activities, coupled with regular communication with our valued customers. Shawna’s warm and approachable demeanor perfectly complements her role, making her an excellent fit for facilitating smooth project operations.

Merry Robertson

Inside Sales/Customer Service Rep
Merry has been with The Home Improvement Group since the inception of the company. She is the first point of contact with our customers and strives to assist in anyway possible. Her standout qualities include her professionalism, patience, and her commitment to a “People First Attitude.” Merry’s upbeat and engaging personality not only distinguishes her but also plays a crucial role in her position.

Les Jarosz

Renovation Advisor/Project Manager

Les serves as our Condo and Renovation Advisor specialist for Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA, boasting over a decade of dedicated service with The Home Improvement Group. His commitment to unparalleled customer service, extensive knowledge of various renovation types, and expertise shines through every project he undertakes.

Les stands out for his impeccable communication, attentive listening skills, broad knowledge base, and honest approach. His clients not only appreciate working with him but also consistently return for their subsequent projects.


David Livingstone

Renovation Advisor/Concrete/Foundation Expert
David is our expert in Concrete, Masonry, Foundation work and all renovations serving Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. His free spirit and creative thinking helps customers create amazing spaces they love. His outstanding ability to build relationships with customers, his transparency and knowledge of all types of renovations sets the bar high. “Creating Your Dream Space” is Davids’s mantra.

Barry Simon

Renovation Advisor/Skilled Craftsman
Barry, our hands on Renovation Advisor and highly skilled craftsman has joined The Home Improvement Group and has brought his years of knowledge and wisdom. Barry’s skills go beyond a tool belt, he is a top-notch leader is customizing spaces and making your vision a reality. His approach is simply, listen, communicate, execute and perfection. Bathrooms, Decks and Fences and Basements, you name it, he does iBarry, our hands on Renovation Advisor and highly skilled craftsman has joined The Home Improvement Group and has brought his years of knowledge and wisdom. Barry’s skills go beyond a tool belt, he is a top-notch leader is customizing spaces and making your vision a reality. His approach is simply, listen, communicate, execute and perfection. Bathrooms, Decks and Fences and Basements, you name it, he does it.
Barry Simon

Klaudio Drandic

Renovation Advisor/Skilled Craftsman
Klaudio, our GTA and Mississauga Renovation Advisor/Skilled Craftsman specializing in all interior and exterior renovations. He builds from bottom to top, front door to back door. He is hands on and leads by example. His extensive knowledge and expertise in all types of renovations, including the trickiest ones, demonstrate his dedication to mastering his craft. With precision, patience, and effective communication skills, Klaudio seems adept at understanding and bringing to life his clients’ visions. Having someone like him on the team ensures that every project is approached with care and skill, resulting in outstanding results for homeowners.

🏗️✨ We’re celebrating National Construction Day today! ⁠
Join us in honouring the hardworking individuals shaping our communities through infrastructure. This year, we spotlight Christine Delongte, owner of @thehomeimprovementgrouptoronto who is breaking barriers in the male-dominated construction industry as the owner of The Home Improvement Group. 💪🚺⁠

From single bathrooms to entire home makeovers, The Home Improvement Group is your go-to renovation expert in Toronto and the GTA. Christine’s commitment to exceptional customer service sets them apart—treating clients like family, open communication, and going above and beyond. 🏡🌟⁠

Click the link in our bio to read more and discover the journey of The Home Improvement Group and Christine’s dedication to breaking industry norms. 🛠️

Giving back

We believe strongly in giving back and making a positive impact in our local communities. Hitting close to home, we have a giving back program we run each year in November where we invite the tens of thousands of people in our mailing list to share their stories. We choose one family in need to receive a full renovation from us at no charge. These are families who don’t have the basics. The things you and I take for granted they live without. Our team comes in to repair, refurbish, renovate, create new love and joy in the space, fill the fridge and buy Christmas gifts. At the end of the project, the family gets to enjoy a home that is safe and functional, just as it should be.

It’s a time of year we always look forward to because it puts smiles on clients’ faces and warmth in our hearts.

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