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What is the Right Way of renovating a Home in Mississauga?


The task of renovating a home in Mississauga doesn’t end with obtaining relevant permits from the local government. There are several others things that demand your attention. As a homeowner, it is imperative that you be compassionate to the community while making changes to your home. Learn how to renovate a property in Mississauga without becoming a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Having the perfect home is a dream for everyone! And, with several renovation companies coming up in Mississauga, every home owner has many ways to build the home he dreams of! Not to mention different DIY websites make renovations look so simple that it may compel you to begin adding a room or finishing the basement on your own.

But, before you hire a renovation contractor or bring out your tools, you must understand that Mississauga is a well-established neighborhood. Beginning any kind of renovation work in the city without proper knowledge of rules can make you a wrongdoer in the eyes of the local government as well as your neighbors. So, learn the right way of building your dream home.

Renovating a Home in Mississauga – Do it the Right Way

  • Does your dream home ‘fit’?

You may take care of the Ontario Building Code and make sure that you do not break any bylaws set by the City of Mississauga, but your job doesn’t end there. The local government has set strict controls to ensure that a new home or a renovated one doesn’t alter the character of a neighborhood. If you live in an area that comes under Site Plan Control, you will have to undergo an additional architectural review to ensure that you maintain the theme of the neighborhood. So, before you decide to make multiple changes to your home, make sure that your ideas ‘fit’ other homes on the street.

Additionally, talk to the neighbors about your ideas so that they do not create any issue later. It will give your neighbors time to prepare their family for the construction noise as well.

  • Keep it Safe

We all know that construction sites can be dangerous, especially when you have kids playing on the street. It is your duty to erect construction around the site to ensure that no one trespasses it. Check that the contractor takes adequate safety measures. There must be proper fall protection systems that include safety net and guardrails.  You must also work on minimizing dust and mudtracking by laying gravel at entry and exit points.

One more thing that deserves your attention is the water that gets collected at your construction site. It can get contaminated if it remains stagnant for more than 24 hours. So, drain it regularly and do not let it become a health hazard for your family as well as other families in the neighborhood.

  • Be Compassionate

When you are renovating your dream home, you must not forget others around you. Damaging public property or causing discomfort to neighbors is a no-no. Here’s how you can be compassionate and still finish the renovation work on time.

  • Noise is one of biggest factors that cause annoyance to the community. Usually, the City of Mississauga allows construction noise between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day (except Statutory Holidays and Sundays). If you live near a hospital, make sure to check the quiet hours beforehand.
  • Make trees and plants a part of your renovation plan. If not, do not remove them without proper consultation. Your neighborhood will have a limit on the number of plants that can be removed in one year.
  • Provide proper sanitation facilities to the construction workers. Ask the builder to install portable toilets on the site.
  • Make sure that construction vehicles do not block roads, especially during peak traffic hours.

When you are renovating a home, you have to consider several factors. Obtaining relevant permits and following the bylaws are a part and parcel of a home renovation process. So, it becomes necessary to hire the best home renovation contractor in Mississauga to ensure a successful and stress-free project.

The Home Improvement Group is GTA’s licensed home renovation contractor. Hire the company’s comprehensive home renovation services in Mississauga to build a home you desire and deserve.

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