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Outdoor Kitchens: An Al Fresco Cooking Experience of your Dreams

Outdoor Kitchens: An Al Fresco Cooking Experience of your Dreams

Outdoor kitchens give you a break from the routine. Host incredible parties and dine al fresco with the help of an outdoor kitchen. If you love to grill outside, the outdoor kitchen will elevate your experience. It is a perfect way to instill nature in your busy life.

Homes in Canada are no longer are a simple place to seek shelter. A home is a paradise for its homeowner. And, if you want an outdoor kitchen in your home, nothing can stop you. Not even the harsh weather conditions of Canada.

Amidst the busy routine life, connecting with nature becomes a crucial task. And, when you have an outdoor kitchen, you can cook while enjoying the gorgeous background and the beautiful landscape. But, dreaming of an outdoor kitchen and building an outdoor kitchen are two different things.

Start with the Basics for an Outdoor Kitchen that’s Classic!

An outdoor kitchen is not just a grill for burgers and barbeque. It is much more! There are multiple pieces to the puzzle of outdoor kitchen and to finish it successfully, you have to pay attention to each of them:

  1. The Cooking Area – You can invest in multiple cooking areas according to your choice.  Think of built-in barbecue grills, side burners, wood-fired pizza oven, gas grill, rotisserie attachments, electrical smokers, etc.
  2. The Refrigerator – Having a fridge outside is essential so that you do not have to run to the kitchen every time you need a batch of vegetables, fruits and beverages.
  3. The Counter – It doesn’t make sense to prep the food in the indoor kitchen, away from all the fun. Have a kitchen counter or an island in the outer area in such a way that you are always part of the conversations.
  4. The Heater – If the outdoor cooking area is cold, you will avoid cooking and dining al fresco. It is best to install a heater to provide warmth. There are beautiful heaters available in the market that do not resemble industrial heaters and can lend character to the outdoor kitchen.
  5. The Shelter – An over-sized umbrella may look cutesy in the landscape, but will it sustain rain? Make sure that you choose a shelter that has adequate height to avoid scorching. You can think of motorized awnings and pergolas to add beauty and functionality to the outdoor kitchen.
  6. The Tableware – It is heart-breaking to see your expensive tableware shatter in the courtyard. Invest in some non-breakable melamine and acrylic dishes so that you can entertain your guests without the tension of injuries due to glass shards.


The Kit doesn’t make the Cut

If you are thinking of an outdoor kitchen, you will realize that there are ready-made outdoor kitchen kits available in the market.  You have to buy the pre-made frames and install them on your own. It is not a customized product which means the outdoor kitchen won’t resemble your dream. Also, the materials may not be according to the weather conditions of your area, thereby leading to cracks and moisture-build up in the counter-tops and cabinets.

You need proper footing for the kitchen counter-top in order to survive the extreme cold conditions. The counter-top needs to have a proper slope in order to discard rain water. Additionally, you will have to make the kitchen according to the kitchen appliances after taking thorough measurements. All these minor things are important when you want an al fresco cooking experience. The outdoor kitchen kits may not provide you with high customization and great quality. So, it is best to hire a kitchen renovation contractor with ample experience of building outdoor kitchens. It will help you in building the kitchen of your dreams with outstanding materials.

The Home Improvement Group will build your dream outdoor kitchen according to your requirements. The home renovation contractor is expert at kitchen renovations. We can customize the outdoor kitchen for you and make it look like you want it to be. Get in touch for booking an appointment with Toronto’s licensed home renovation contractor.


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