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Kitchen Renovation in a Condo: Big Ideas for a Small Space

Kitchen Renovation in a Condo: Big Ideas for a Small Space

When you live in a condominium, space can become an issue. A limited living space doesn’t mean you have to live with a cramped kitchen. A kitchen should be comfortable enough to make cooking fun. Here are a few big renovation ideas that can transform the look of a small kitchen space.

When you have to work around limited space, every type of renovation can take a backseat. But, you need a kitchen large enough to finish your daily cooking chores. It is not necessary to adjust in a small, uncomfortable kitchen just because you live in a condominium. You can spruce up the kitchen space that ensures your comfort while cooking and enables you to cook more often than before.

Renovating a Condo Kitchen: An Expert’s Task

If you live in a condominium, you know that space is precious. You cannot waste it on unnecessary renovations. And, when it comes to kitchens, you need to create a remodeling plan that helps you to maximize the space. It is best to work with a reputed condo renovation contractor who has ample experience of dealing with limited space issues of a condo. He will give you time-tested ideas along with innovative concepts to make your condo kitchen the apple of your eye. But, before you begin scouting for a renovation expert, take inspiration from kitchen renovation ideas that are big enough to transform a small kitchen space:

  • Open Concept Kitchen never gets Old

There are different ideas about renovating a small kitchen. Do not worry if the original design had a small closet area for the kitchen. You can create an open kitchen and connect it with the living room. You can tear down the internal wall that separates the kitchen and the living room to create a seamless living experience. It will allow you to open up the space and provide an opportunity to have a dining area.

  • All Amenities packed into One

The problem with small condo kitchen can be lack of amenities. Does your kitchen lack a dishwasher? Is the stove small? Is the island inadequate to serve as a breakfast area? Sort out your needs before talking to the condo renovation contractor. He will change the layout to the more space-efficient U-shaped layout and ensure easy access to the fridge, stove and sink. Also, install shelves on kitchen walls for increased storage space.

  • Light it up!

When the cooking area is cramped, smarter use of lighting can make it comfortable. With proper use of natural and ambient lighting, you can create an illusion of space. Work with certified electricians to light up the area along with the safety of your family. Think of task lighting over the stove and sink. You can consider installing pendant lighting over the island to give a classy look to the kitchen. Even under-cabinet lighting can make a small kitchen more practical.

  • Never ignore Colors

Just as lighting brightens up a space and sets the mood, choosing the right colors in the kitchen can work wonders for it. Select a color palette after thorough consideration. If white is going to be primary color for the kitchen, make sure that you use brighter shades as secondary and tertiary colors to balance the look. When painting the kitchen cabinets and backsplash, use light colors that reflect light. It will make the room appear larger than before.

Living in a condo doesn’t mean ending up with a cramped kitchen. Hire a reputed condo renovation contractor and work on making your kitchen pretty and practical. Remember one big idea can make a small kitchen bigger and better than before.

The Home Improvement Group is an experienced condo renovation contractor of Toronto. We have remodeled several condos across GTA and delivered beautiful kitchen renovations to homeowners. Work with the leaders of home renovation and get ready for a comfortable cooking area.

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