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3rd Annual Giving Back to Community Charity Offering


With our 3rd Annual Giving Back to Community Charity Offering, The Home Improvement Group chose a single mom in need of our painting and handyman services. We fixed a closet door, did minor patch work and painted her home. This charity is our way of giving back to our loving, supportive community and helping those in need.

At The Home Improvement Group, we are not content by simply doing well. Our mission is to do good and give back to our community. We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and involve ourselves in programs that make the lives of Canadians better.

The Home Improvement Group has been conducting the annual charity offering for the past three years. Every year, we help one family in achieving the home of their dreams. Our handyman and painting team visits their home, undertakes repair work and paints the property to make it beautiful again.

A Beautiful Home for a Strong Woman!

We receive hundreds of emails every year from homeowners who share their stories and tell us why their homes deserve some TLC. This year, we selected a strong woman who embodies our values of dedication and perseverance. She is a single mom who had to quit work because of her health issues. We were touched by her story and how she was doing everything to give her kids a better life.

We decided to help and do what we do best. Our team did minor patch work, painted the entire main floor and baseboards. We also fixed a broken closet door in order to give her family the home they deserve. All labor and materials were provided by The Home Improvement Group and Sherwin Williams.

Building Dream Homes every Year!

The charity program started three years ago with the belief that a little good deed goes a long way! We love our community and the program is our way of giving back to the people who have trusted us for years. And, it is just the beginning!

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