Essential Steps for Renovating a Staircase: A Cost Manual

Essential Steps for Renovating a Staircase: A Cost Manual

Renovating the staircase involves making many decisions. But, once you have a budget in place, you can make quick decisions about the renovation project. Learn the cost of renovating the staircase and decide which changes are essential for your home. It’s time for making an informed decision.

A beautiful staircase is the focal point of your home. It can be the perfect tool to make your home unique, beautiful and charming than other properties in the community. A good-looking, functional staircase can even improve the selling price of your home. So, if you are thinking of a staircase renovation project, do not be in a haste. Understand your requirements, consider your budget and hire the best staircase renovation contractor to help make your home stunning.

Tips for a Stunning Staircase Transformation

Every home renovation project involves spending a large amount of money. When you are going to assume a huge financial risk by undertaking a big project such as staircase renovation, you must play your cards right. Here are a few useful steps to get things right the first time.

  • Space: Solve Storage Problems with a New Design

If space is a constraint in your home, you can consider a complete staircase renovation that involves making optimum use of space under the stairs. Whether it is creating a home office, a pantry area, an entertainment center or a book display case, anything is possible if you are ready to experiment.

The cost of adding storage space beneath the staircase depends on your requirements. Professional installation of a simple closet lined with shelves can cost you around $1000. If you are looking for drawers, get ready to pay at least $2000. And, custom cabinets with solid doors and stylish glass inserts can increase your cost to several thousand dollars. Remember that opting for highly customized staircase storage options is ideal only when you do not have any plans of selling the property in the near future.

  • Savings: Save Money and still enjoy Gorgeous Stairs

In majority of homes across Toronto, the first thing that you will notice is the staircase. And, if you feel that the staircase doesn’t add to the beauty of your home, you should renovate it. Now, a complete staircase renovation project can cost you anything from $8000-$10,000 including new treads, risers, balusters, handrail and posts. If the staircase has several risers, you may need to add a landing and it can increase your cost.

If cost is an issue, do not worry. You can focus on the part of staircase that requires most attention. For example, if the treads and risers need replacement, simply change them and keep the rest of the staircase as it is. Prefinished 12 treads and 13 risers can be obtained for $1000. After including hourly installation charge of the renovation professionals & the cost of additional tools, you total may come close to $1200-$1500. If the staircase is in good condition and you want to add some flair to it, you can buy decals for the risers. They are very cheap and you can easily buy them under $10.

  • Shades: Painting the Staircase is an Inexpensive Option

If the staircase looks dull and adding a few fresh colors will restore its beauty, opt for painting. Removing the dusty old carpet and adding new color to the risers can give it an instant upgrade. If the treads have flaws, choose dark colors to hide them. If you have wooden stairs, you can stain them. You can even create abstract designs and geometric patterns to add a quirky look to the staircase.

You may opt for a DIY project but hiring a professional for a simple painting job won’t be expensive. Usually, an expert painter can paint an average 12ft. staircase for $350-$500. But, remember that the cost can fluctuate if the professional needs to remove the carpet, clean the risers, fix the treads and repair the rail. So, before you hire any painter, ask them to visit your home. Let them analyze the job and then, give you a detailed estimate. Remember a painting job is inexpensive but you need to be cautious and tell the painter what you want.

Work with an Expert!

When undertaking a staircase renovation project, you have to make several decisions starting with the most important one: Whether to revamp the existing features or replace the current structure completely and build a new one. No matter the kind of renovation project you wish to start, make sure that you have a trusted staircase renovation expert by your side. Painting a staircase or replacing the carpet can be a DIY job but when it comes to a major overhaul, it is best to have an expert work for you. It will ensure efficient use of your budget and help you get the home you deserve.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned above are estimates. And, your cost may change depending on the complexity and the scale of the project. To ascertain a more accurate estimate, please contact us.

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