The Toronto Suite Life: Condo Renovations Tips for a Better Living Space

The Toronto Suite Life: Condo Renovations Tips for a Better Living Space

Renovating a condominium in Toronto is very different than making changes to a stand-alone property. A condo renovation contractor has to work in a smaller space and abide by the rules of the HOA. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make a small condo space appear bigger, better and more comfortable. Know how to give a new look to your living space and learn the expenditure associated with it.

Half a century ago, condominiums were still a novel concept in Toronto. However today, they are a common sight on the city’s skyline. For the younger generation living in 416, condos have become a convenient and affordable dwelling option that allows them to walk down to their nearby jobs. Every condo owner knows the value of condominiums in a populated city such as Toronto. And, just like a good renovation job improves the value of a single-story home or a stand-alone property, it can definitely help you in enhancing the value and the look of your condominium apartment.

Renovating a Small Condo in Toronto: Tips to make it Bigger and Better

Gone are the days when condos had the reputation of being dull and unappealing. Today, luxury high-rise buildings have made things simpler. But space can still be an issue for people living in condos. If you are tired of limited space and feel that the condo is smaller, there are ways to make it appear larger than it actually is.

  • The Kitchen

The small size of the kitchen is a complaint of many condo owners. If you want to tackle the space issue, make sure that the kitchen layout is efficient in accommodating as many kitchen appliances as possible. If you require a large kitchen space, an open kitchen can become an effective option for you. It is best to avoid making major plumbing renovations in the kitchen so as to follow the rules set by the HOA.

A kitchen condo renovations project can cost anywhere in the range of $5000-$20,000. It all depends on your requirements. So, if you have specific needs such as you want a big kitchen space, an eating counter or a separate baking station, discuss them with the condo renovation contractor to give him a clear idea of the situation.

  • The Bathroom

The average cost of a complete bathroom condo renovation in Toronto is $10,000. It includes the installation of drywall, tiles, bathroom fixtures, as well as the plumbing cost. As you are spending a large amount of money on renovating a tiny space, it is essential that you obtain your money’s worth.

As a condo owner, you cannot make structural changes to the bathing area. But, ensure that the condo renovation contractor and the interior designer undertake proper space planning to make the area more appealing and comfortable. Building ceiling-to-floor bath vanity cabinets is an ideal way of adding storage space. Instead of dividing the bathroom into separate sections with doors, make use of see-through alternatives such as frosted glass to open up space. Incorporate natural lighting into the setting to create an illusion of a bigger bathroom.

  • The Bedroom

Renovating a small-sized condo bedroom can be done in $4000-$15000 (depending on multiple factors such as the cost of materials, labor, furnishing, etc.) Other than investing in a quality bed, lighting plays a major role in sprucing up the bedroom. You can incorporate statement lighting with the help of a chandelier or a crystal ceiling fan.

Another way to add character to the room is using different colors on the walls. If you are wary of using too many colors, consider creating an accent wall to give a bold yet balanced look to the bedroom. Also, add multiple storage options in the bedroom such as platform beds with drawers underneath it, nightstands with multiple drawers, storage cubes, etc.  to keep your room organized.

  • The Living Room

When a living room is small, it is best to avoid the color-blocking technique and sectioning the area into different parts. If you want the living area to look bigger and more inviting, stick to one cohesive design. You must follow the same design and color palette throughout the condo space so as to create harmony. You can opt for painting the condo with neutral shades and still add a pop of color with furnishings.

Do not ignore the entrance of your home. Personalizing the space and adding entryway storage benches and trunks will not only add character to the room but also allow you to enjoy smart storage space.  So, whenever you sit to discuss the cost of living room renovations, calculate the expenditure of making changes to the entryway as well. The approximate cost of a budget living room renovation is $5000 including the price of repairing flooring, painting the walls, installing light fixtures, etc. You may have to pay extra for custom ceilings.

Condo Renovations: Clear Goals ensure Best Results

Just like everything else in life, having clear goals will make the condo renovation project a success. Before hiring a condo renovation contractor, make sure that you know your purpose behind renovating your living space. If you are going to sell the property in a couple of years, do not invest in personalizing the condo. It is best to undertake renovations that prospective buyers will consider essential. Once you know your goal, make a list of things that you want to change. Seek estimates from different condo renovation contractors to enjoy the best deal.

Happy Renovations!

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