HVAC Preventative Maintenance: Energy-Saving Tips for your Home

HVAC Preventative Maintenance: Energy-Saving Tips for your Home

Whether your goal is adding more comfort to your home or reducing energy bills, preventative maintenance of the HVAC system is the key. Learn how adequate knowledge of the HVAC appliances and routine maintenance of the system can help you to achieve your goal.

Painting your home or building new furniture for the dining room is different than maintaining the HVAC system of your home. Neither do the walls require touch up every couple of months nor does the furniture need repairs every now and then. But, as you know, problems related to the HVAC system can arise any time and they can definitely take a toll on your budget. When you are a homeowner, you cannot call the landlord for taking care of inconsistent cooling or repairing the ducts. So, it is important to understand how to handle the HVAC system of your home and keep it in top shape.

Maintaining the HVAC System of your Home and Saving Money

Whether this is your first-home or the third, every house is dear to you. And, to avoid any damage to your property, you must understand all the elements of your home that come together to make it comfortable. By ensuring preventative maintenance of the HVAC system, you will enjoy rewards in the form of improved energy savings and reduction in cost.

  • Understand the HVAC System in Detail

Simply knowing how to change the thermostat with changing weather is not enough. Knowing all the factors that make up the HVAC system of your home is important. Do you have central air-conditioning in your home? Does your home have several ductless mini-split ACs? Do you use a gas furnace? How do you ensure adequate heating in colder months? Are the ventilation ducts in good condition? What about the age and energy rating of all the appliances? Is there any warranty left on the appliances? How often do you maintain them?

  • Analyze your Immediate Needs

Once you have all the information related to the HVAC unit, you will be able to ascertain your immediate needs. If the AC is very old, you may require to replace it with more energy-efficient model. Now, a portable AC can cost you around $500 and an 18000 BTU ductless split AC can be purchased for $1500. If the outdoor AC unit has gathered debris, weed and other kinds of trash, it can block the airflow and you may need to clean it. You may have to install a new boiler to accommodate the additional heating needs of your family.

  • Change according to Changing Seasons

Now, buying a new AC can be your immediate need but what about your seasonal needs? Are the weather conditions unbearably hot in summer? Do you need to change the thermostat temperature every now and then? Do you need additional window treatments to save energy in colder months? Consider your needs and also learn ways of cutting down energy bills. Adjusting direction of ceiling fans, covering drafty windows, covering kitchen exhaust fans when not in use, upgrading to LED bulbs are all hacks that can save you money.

  • A Maintenance Routine is a Must

Maintaining the HVAC system to its optimum level is not like any other DIY home improvement project. You cannot afford to make mistakes with it. It is essential to hire a TSSA-registered HVAC technician to maintain the temperature of your home and keep it comfortable. Routine maintenance will alert you of even the smallest of issues and with the help of a licensed technician, you will be able to take care of the issue without letting it become an enormous  problem. For example, cleaning the ducts and vents may cost you around $300-$400 but installing new ductwork for the entire home can run into thousands of dollars. It is good to call the technician before any big seasonal change so as to ensure that your house is well-adjusted to the changes in external temperature.

Work with the HVAC Technician!

Hiring a reputed HVAC company that offers expertise in home comfort systems doesn’t end your job. You need to work with the technicians as a team to improve the functioning of the system and reduce energy bills. Here are a few things that you can discuss with the technicians to ensure quality preventative maintenance:

  • Ask for essentials tips to lower the energy bill and understand how to make your home more energy-efficient.
  • If you are not using a few rooms in your house, ask the technician for zoning your home instead of closing the vents on your own.
  • In case of unusually high energy bills, contact the HVAC technician immediately. A leak in ductwork might be a potential reason for it.
  • Ensure that the air filters are frequently changed so as to maintain an improved quality of air in your home.
  • Keep a check on the thermostat and discuss about increasing insulation so as to reduce energy bills.

When your goal is to decrease energy consumption in your home while maintaining the comfort level, you must start inculcating the practice of conservation. Remember preventative maintenance along with conscious use of energy can lead to an energy-efficient home.

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