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Proven Ways to check for Plumbing Problems in your Home

Top Signs of Plumbing Problems that need your Attention
Top Signs of Plumbing Problems that need your Attention

No one wants to face the troubles of plumbing damage. However, very few homeowners actually take the trouble to notice the tell-tale signs of damaged pipes and leaky faucets. Here’s a complete guide to tell you all about the possible plumbing problems and how you can detect the presence of one in your home.

Imagine coming back from work after a tiring day and opening the door to wet flooring and smelly, odd-colored water. The water back-flow from the kitchen sink or the toilet is a nightmare for every homeowner. If you want to avoid being in the terrible situation of water flooding your home, you need to be proactive and check for any signs that manifest a possible problem with the plumbing system.

Tell-Tale Signs of Plumbing Damage in your Home

You may neglect regular plumbing maintenance considering it unnecessary but it is essential to keep the water pipes of your home in top shape so that they do not result in an expensive disaster. Learn a few essential signs that can help you detect a problem early.

  • Small Water Leaks can lead to Bigger Problems

Leaky faucets and dripping shower-heads are very common in every house. And, so a majority of homeowners ignore it. But, if you overlook the issue, it will not only add to your water bill but it can also cause severe water damage in the future. When small leaks are left untreated, ugly brown stains can start accumulating on house walls. Also, leaks can point towards a bigger problem of pipe corrosion. If you want to avoid the formation of mold and prevent a possibility of flooding, it is best to treat small leaks immediately.

  • Can you hear your Pipes?

Imagine being alone at night and hearing a strange noise. There is no ghost in your house. It can be the water pipes pleading for your attention. Screeching noises and rattling sounds can manifest a possible plumbing problem. It can be a simple installation issue. On the other hand, you may need to replace the old, rusty pipes to solve the problem completely. Either way, hiring a plumber is the best solution to hissing noises coming from the pipes. Even if you hear gurgling sounds from the faucets, call an expert.

  • Clogged Pipes can spell Disaster

Often, the arrival of Holiday Season means endless dinners and parties with several guests staying over for a long duration. And, during this time, you can face the annoying problem of clogged pipes. Do not resort to using a harsh chemical to unclog the pipes. Using the plunger is a good option when you want to unclog a toilet or sink but if you are required to use it every now and then, it shows signs of damage. To avoid heavy financial expenditure in the future, ask the plumber to inspect the pipes for possible damage.

  • Contaminated Water is a Sign too!

Contaminated, smelly water can affect your health and give you innumerable diseases such as Diarrhea, E.Coli, Salmonella, Cholera and more. It can also result in multiple skin disorders. Whether it is water in the kitchen or the shower, it should be clear. But, if see slightly muddy water, it can mean the presence of corroded pipes. Sometimes, old and damaged pipes allow soil particles from the earth into the water supply of your home. So, when you see signs of contaminated water, do not spend a minute more fretting over the problem. Hire a plumber immediately.

  • Something is Wrong with the Water pressure

Ideally, inlet water pressure should be around 60 psi. In reality, it is somewhere in the range of 40-45 psi. Now, water pressure should not be very high (>80 psi) because it can affect the integrity of the plumbing system of your home. And, it should not be so low that it makes taking showers a nightmare. If you feel that water pressure drops and rises suddenly, you can check it with a pressure gauge. It is possible that the main water line is compromised. Also, sedimentary deposits in the plumbing fixtures can cause the problem.

How to prevent a Plumbing Problem?

In Toronto, you can find many plumbers that offer annual maintenance service to take care of the drainage system of your home. But it is also essential that you take preventative measures for avoiding the problem in the first place.

  • Food, hair and sometimes even kids’ toys result in clogged drains. So, keep an eye on what goes into the drains. Use drain screens to prevent hair from clogging the drains. Dispose of food scraps in the trash even if you have a garbage disposal machine to prevent any plumbing issues in the future.
  • Keep the water pressure under 50 psi to avoid putting undue pressure on old pipes.
  • If the mineral content in water is high, you can install a water softener to keep the hard water from affecting the water pipes and plumbing fixtures.
  • Insulate water pipes so that they do not freeze in colder temperatures.

You may take all the preventative measures to avoid the problem. But, if a plumbing issue occurs in your home, do not worry. Here’s how you can tackle the problem:

  • You can take care of clogged pipes by keeping a plunger and sewer snake in your home.
  • To prevent water from gushing out of a broken faucet, shut off the water supply to the faucet.
  • Also, learn the location of the main water valve so that you can it shut it off in times of emergency.
  • And, do not forget to keep a plumber’s contact number handy to take care of the underlying plumbing issues.

Take Care of Plumbing; Take Care of your Property

Plumbing issues may look small and insignificant in the beginning. But, if neglected for a long time, they can cause structural damage and affect the strength of your home. Plus, do not forget the emotional expenditure of losing your belongings forever. So, look out for signs of plumbing damage and take care of them immediately.

Whether you are looking for emergency plumbing service or routine plumbing maintenance, choose The Home Improvement Group. We have the most experienced licensed plumbers who can take care of leaky faucets, clogged drains and low water pressure effectively. Trust the reliable home renovation expert for all your needs. Get in touch today.


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