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Home Office in the Basement: A Private Workspace in your Home

Basement Home Office
Basement Home Office

When you need to work from home, the kitchen island cannot prove to be a private workspace. You need a dedicated home office to ensure minimum distractions. Why not use the basement as your home office? Hire a basement renovation contractor to transform the dark basement into a bright, well-lit home office.

With the advancement in technology and easy access to internet, boundaries between work and home are becoming indistinct. But, working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. And, if you work from a high-traffic zone such as the kitchen island or the dining table, you will have to deal with distractions. Kids, neighbors, television and, not to forget, enticing afternoon naps can really make your day unproductive. So, what’s the solution?

Head to the Basement to build a Home Office!

Often the most neglected part of a home, basements are suddenly becoming the “it” spot. You can hire a basement renovation contractor and think about building a home office in the basement. Now, creating a home office in the basement area doesn’t mean using curtains, sliding doors or folding screens to ensure privacy. It is much more! Here are a few home office ideas to create a private workspace that you deserve:

  • Start with the Basics

Is the basement finished? Do you use the basement as a rental property? Do you have a home gym in the basement? When it comes to a home office, think hard. If you are using the basement for different purposes, you will have chalk out a clear plan in order to differentiate your workspace from other parts of the basement. If you will be having clients visiting you regularly, a separate entrance becomes necessary. You can also think of installing sound-proofing system to keep the household noises out of the basement.

  • The Office Essentials

A desk and a chair are a basic necessity for your home office. But, it doesn’t end there. You have to make careful selection because the basement will have limited space. If you choose a gigantic desk, you will be left with no space for storage. You also need proper storage area to keep your documents safe. If your property is prone to leaks, it is essential to waterproof the basement, before setting up your work station. Buy a dehumidifier to take care of the humidity in the basement. And, do not forget to get insulation for the winter months.

  • Light up the Basement

According to Feng Shui, basements are the least favorable place for living. But, when you have an experienced basement renovation contractor, you can create an airy and healthy workspace in the basement. As basements are notorious for having inadequate natural lighting, consider installing an egress window to allow fresh air and natural light in the area. It is essential that your home office has a proper blend of functional and accent lighting. You can install task lighting over the desk to give you better light. You can think of accent lighting in the form of wall scones and torchère lamps to highlight the artwork.

  • Stay Connected!

Even though you want to stay away from distractions and focus on work, you need to be connected to the world. Connectivity is a big issue for a home office that you must address in the beginning. Does your phone connect in the basement? Are you able to connect to internet in your home office? Will you need a different internet plan for your work?

Ask the electrician to ensure that your work area has adequate sockets and switches. Think of different electronic gadgets that you will be using for your work. If you need to buy them, add them to the budget.

  • Add a Pop of Color

Colors have a deep impact on your level of concentration. They have an effect on your mood. So, it is best to use colors that make you feel motivated. Use shades of yellow on the wall to create a bright and airy atmosphere in the basement. The color orange stimulates your senses and reflects creativity. So, it can be another great option. If you have a stressful job, choose calmer hues of blue and green to create a peaceful atmosphere. Do not limit yourself to painting the basement. Think of accessories and furniture to add a pop of color.

Having a home office in the basement offers you an opportunity to define your workspace in your home. With the help of a basement renovation contractor, you can cut down distractions and focus on your work. So, next time you feel you are getting distracted from work, think of a home office and put the basement to good use.

Have an unfinished basement? Hire the basement renovation services of The Home Improvement Group and get ready to transform the dingy area into a beautiful home office. Work with the Toronto’s trusted home renovation contractor to make your basement beautiful than ever!

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