Laundry Room Renovations Perfect Laundry Room Renovations so that you actually Enjoy the Chore

Sorting the whites and colors, washing clothes according to their labels and ironing them properly are no menial tasks. When you do the laundry after the end of a harrowing week, you definitely need a room that’s organized, clean and functional. At The Home Improvement Group, we have been working on laundry room renovations since years. We work hard to make sure that the laundry area gives you the same pleasure and happiness as the other areas of your home. We specialize in designing and building custom laundry rooms for homeowners in and around Toronto. Whether you need a traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary style laundry area, we can undertake a home additions project to create a new laundry room that matches your style. We can even help you with efficient laundry room renovations to revive the beauty and functionality of the place.

A Comprehensive Laundry Room Renovations Service for GTA Homeowners

A laundry room renovation is more than changing the color of the walls or installing a new cabinet to store clean clothes. We understand that the complex laundry room renovations include: design and build services, electrical work, plumbing, painting and installing new appliances to make the place more functional. When you hire The Home Improvement Group, you get more than “just a design company. We will be with you every step of the way. Whether it is obtaining a building permit for the creation of a new laundry room addition or installing new plumbing to accommodate the renovation, we will ensure the best service.
  • Design and Build
Having a dedicated room for the washer and dryer is a dream come true. And, we would like to fulfill your dream by presenting you with the laundry room of your choice. Do you have specific thoughts related to the design? Where do you want to create laundry area? Should it be a part of the master bathroom? Do you want it to be tucked away in the basement? Have you picked out the appliances? Creating a well-defined floor plan is only possible after understanding your requirements and expectations.
  • Water Supply
No laundry room is complete without proper plumbing. You will need a cold-water line, hot-water line and a drain for installing a washer unit. If you have a modern steam dryer, we will attach a water line to it. You can also consider draining the water into a laundry tub for soaking clothes. We can install a big utility sink/tub to take care of stubborn stains as well as put up gas vents for dryers. Our TSSA-licensed HVAC technicians & plumbers ensure clean installation that requires zero-maintenance. We install automatic shutoff valve to avoid water leakage and damage to the floor and walls of your home.
  • Electricity
The Home Improvement Group has trusted licensed electricians at your beck and call. We even offer one-day electrician service for minor electrical work. Usually, our team installs a 20-amp 120-volt circuit for the washing machine, 30-amp circuit for electric dryer and another 15-amp to 20-amp circuit for the clothes iron and other light fixtures in the room. If you are going to use the laundry room for multiple purposes, The Home Improvement Group can help you to customize the electrical circuits of the room. Our team will also help you installing light fixtures to enhance the beauty of the room.
  • Appliances
A basic washer-dryer unit can cost you $300. But, if you want customized wash cycles, you may have to spend a little more on it and the cost can go up to $1200 or even more. We can help you to choose between a front-load machine and a top-load washer. Our team can suggest you quiet washers that will definitely fit the space in the laundry room along with an electric or gas dryer of your choice. The Home Improvement Group has experience of installing Whirlpool, GE, LG Electronics, Maytag, Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, Amana, Haier and other prominent washer brands available in Canada.
  • Storage
There are multiple storage options available with you. Once you decide on the style of the laundry room, your requirements and the available space in the room, we will help you create a perfect storage area. Our team of carpenters and handymen are efficient with installations and repair services. We will build custom laundry cabinets for you. And, if you are looking for cost-saving storage options, we can install basic yet durable storage cabinets from the local home improvement store. We even suggest fold-out tables and multiple shelves for smaller areas to accommodate more storage.
  • Painting
To make you love the chore of doing laundry, the final touch is painting. The Home Improvement Group has experience of adding color to several homes and commercial spaces in Toronto. We will ensure high-quality paint that can sustain moisture in the laundry room and still look good for a very long time. The painting cost of an average 10*12 room is anything in the range of $300-$800. But, not all laundry rooms are that big. We can even help you install wallpaper or create an accent wall in the room to accommodate your favorite colors and textures. If the room doesn’t not receive natural light, our painters will ensure colors that create the illusion of light.

What is the Cost of renovating a Laundry Room?

Most homeowners want a bigger laundry space so that they use the room for multiple purposes including storing sports equipment, kids’ toys and more. You may want to use it as a small office space well. In many homes, the mudrooms are a part of the bathroom or the kitchen. As different homes have different expectations and requirements from the laundry room, the cost of a laundry room renovation project may vary. Usually, a simple renovation can be done in $2000. If you want a complete makeover with a luxurious setting, the cost can increase. Rest assured! When you work with The Home Improvement Group, there are no unexpected financial surprises. We can help you with a few cost-effective laundry room renovation tips as well. We will understand your requirements, learn about the amount of work required and provide you with a detailed estimate. Our expert renovations team knows that renovating a laundry room is a personal experience. And, we will leave no stone unturned in delivering you the room you desire.

Are you ready for the Laundry Room of your Dreams?

Whether it is building a completely new laundry room or making a few changes to the current one, The Home Improvement Group doesn’t believe in cutting corners. We commit ourselves to complete the renovation project within your timeline and promise an incredible transformation. Call on (905) 502 0204 to book an appointment with Toronto’s favorite home renovation contractor.