Kitchen Cabinet InstallationInstalling Kitchen Cabinets is our Specialty

If kitchen is the heart of a home, kitchen cabinets are no less important. Consider a beautiful kitchen space with extravagant countertops and beautiful backsplash. But, if the kitchen cabinets are missing, your kitchen doesn’t feel complete. Are you looking for someone to install the best kitchen cabinets? For every home in Toronto and the surrounding areas, there is one kitchen renovation contractor who can give you successful and satisfactory results. Your search ends with The Home Improvement Group.

Why choose The Home Improvement Group for installing Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto?

Homeowners prefect The Home Improvement Group because it is no ordinary renovation company. We not only help you fix the cabinet issue but also take care of laying the kitchen floor, installing the kitchen countertops and much more.
  • Trusted kitchen renovation contractor of GTA
  • Licensed professional for best results
  • Insured and reliable crew to ensure total safety
  • Experienced in installing kitchen cabinets
  • Prompt and dedicated service

Perfect for installing every type of Kitchen Cabinet in Toronto

The Home Improvement Group is a versatile contractor who will help you install various types of kitchen cabinets. Are you looking to install custom kitchen cabinetry for a dream cooking space? Or are you satisfied with off-the-shelf stock cabinetry from Ikea? We not only paint kitchen walls but also add the color of your choice to the stock cabinets in the color of your choice. We can help you with all the types of kitchen cabinets. If you want us to build one, our carpenters will gladly help you. Do not worry about choosing the wood material for the cabinets. The Home Improvement Group has a team of consultants who will help you select from different options such as maple, oak, cherry and alder. If you want to install a cabinet made of acrylic, we will do it quickly and perfectly. Usually, there are two options when it comes to cabinets frames. If you want the traditional face-frame construction, trust us for giving you the best results. And, if the contemporary frame-less cabinets are your choice, we will install them as well.

Square, Arched or Raised Panel – The Home Improvement Group installs every type of Kitchen Cabinets

In the olden days, there were few options with homeowners. But, today, you have a plethora of options to choose from. There are different shapes of kitchen cabinets and you can choose anyone that you like. Consider a square shape door for the cabinet if you have a modern kitchen. A rounded arch cabinet is perfect for a traditional theme. Also, a decorative molding can be a perfect touch for old-charm kitchens.

Do you have a Small Kitchen?

If you want to increase space in your condo kitchen, The Home Improvement Group suggests you to install base cabinets as well as wall cabinets. It will provide you with ample storage space and help you to de-clutter the kitchen countertop. Also, installing glass frames to cabinet doors can create the illusion of space. So, do not worry if you have a tiny kitchen. The Home Improvement Group is expert in making smaller Toronto homes look bigger and we will help you make the best of the available space.
When you want to install kitchen cabinets and increase the beauty of the kitchen, you need expert renovation contractor and nothing less than that! Hire The Home Improvement Group by calling on (905) 502 0204 and get ready for a dream kitchen.