Professional Drywall Installation and Repair ServiceFor the Best Drywall Installation and Repair, hire the Professionals

The most ignored, yet the most common part of a home, is the drywall. When you look at any home, office or condo, you may notice the drywall, only when there is a problem with it. A damaged, broken drywall can mar the look of any home. So, it is essential to hire a professional Toronto handyman to take care of drywall installation and repair. At The Home Improvement Group, we take pride in installing drywall right, the first time. We are experts in drywall repair and our handymen can do patch work to make it as good as new.

Quick, Efficient and Trusted Drywall Installation Service in Toronto

You can finish the wall and ceiling with drywall or plaster. If you are choosing drywall because of its low cost and quick installation process, make sure that you hire an expert to do it for you. The Home Improvement Group will carefully measure the area; understand the requirement for new light fixtures, chandelier, fans, etc. and then begin the cutting process. We ensure proper finishing by using quality drywall joint compounds and taping the drywall efficiently. Our team will finish installing the drywall as well as help you with proper installation of wallpaper.

Damaged Drywall makes Homes and Offices look bad

Has moisture damaged the drywall in your home? Are the cracks and holes visible? If you ignore them, you will have to replace the entire drywall in the near future. Everyday wear and tear, cracks and holes due to drywall anchors, rodent damage, moisture issues, are few of the reasons that cause damage to drywall.  You need expert drywall repair services to take care of it. The Home Improvement Group will not only repair the holes and patch the drywall, but it will also go to the depth of the cause. If moisture issue is caused because of water flooding in the basement, we will help you to waterproof the basement and solve the root of the problem. Want to repair the drywall in your office? Need a reliable drywall expert to finish the work on time? The Home Improvement Group offers complete handyman services for commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, hotels, factories, warehouses, hospitals, etc. We ensure that your employees and customers are not disturbed during the repair work. With our 1 year warranty, you will be assured of a reliable repair and maintenance services in and around GTA.

Drywall Repair and DIY do not match!

Are you confused about deciding whether to repair or replace the drywall? Easy availability of drywall repair kits at the local hardware stores may force you to undertake a DIY repair project. But, remember that patching the holes and cracks in drywall is difficult. It becomes all the more difficult if you have to repair holes in ceiling. You will need to tape to cover the holes and then undergo the tedious process of applying and sanding multiple layers of joint compound. If you do not let the drywall dry completely before painting a home, the entire repair process will go to waste. So, it is essential to hire an expert to do the work for you.

Hire Drywall Experts now

The Home Improvement is a professional handyman who can help you to update and maintain the look of your home.  With our professional installation and repair services, we guarantee to make your home beautiful than ever. Whether you are looking for a handyman to take care of drywall installation or you require a professional to repair the damaged ceiling, we are your best choice. Dial (905) 502 0204 to get in touch today.