Professional Wallpaper Installation and Removal ServiceWallpaper Installation, Repair or Replacement – Let the Experts handle it

Paint is not the only way to accentuate a wall. If you do not want to commit to a single color for the entire room, wallpaper is the solution for you. Today, you will find a plethora of options for selecting wallpaper that meets your style and makes your home sophisticated. You can use wallpaper to create an accent wall in the room and give it a unique look. Hire The Home Improvement Group for wallpaper installation service. The company has a team of expert handymen who will install your chosen wallpaper to make your home beautiful than ever.

Wallpaper: Different Installation Options for Toronto Homeowners

Installing wallpaper is not only limited to kitchens and guest rooms. You can even install wallpaper in the bathroom to add a pop of color to the bathing area. Our team of handymen understands the difference between different wallpaper materials and is adept at handling every one of them:
  • Vinyl wallpaper – Wide color range, easy to clean, fire-resistant
  • Grass cloth wallpaper – Environment friendly, natural texture
  • Flocked wallpaper – Luxury finish, ideal for formal sitting area
  • Metallic wallpaper – Striking colors to add drama to a dull room
  • Embossed wallpaper – Guarantees depth and contrast to the wall
  • Fabric wall coverings – Silk, cotton, felt etc. ensure class
  • Traditional wallpaper – breathable material, easily available
You can hire our one-day handyman services to take care of wallpaper installation and several other home improvement tasks such as paint touch up, drywall installation and repair, kitchen tile repair, carpentry, and furniture installation in Toronto.

Wallpaper Removal and DIY – A Messy Affair

Removing different types of wallpaper requires different techniques. What worked for your friend, may spell disaster for you. Removing wallpaper and installing a new one is not a simple job. The previous owner may have painted the old wallpaper with a different color. Removing wallpaper that has been painted over several times is a task for a professional. Our handymen team will ensure that the drywall beneath the wallpaper is unharmed. We will remove wallpaper in a safe manner by removing the paint with a stiff wire brush. We use quality wallpaper stripper to give you the best results in minimal time.

The Best Wallpaper Repair Services in Toronto

As a part of our comprehensive installation and repair services in GTA, we not only repair kitchen cabinets, furniture, and electrical appliances, but we also take care of wallpaper. Wallpaper offers great flexibility to homeowners by helping them change the look of a room. But, ripped seams, tears, bubbles are a few problems that are visually unappealing. Do not ignore the issues and fix them immediately or else, you will have to replace the wallpaper in the future. Remember hiring a handyman at the right time will reduce your renovation cost and keep your home beautiful forever. The Home Improvement Group has a team of handymen who specialize in wallpaper repair. We re-glue the seams and remove the air bubbles trapped beneath the wallpaper. Our team is experienced in fixing the drywall and gluing a matching patch of wallpaper to create an even look.

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Wallpaper installation and repair services of The Home Improvement Group are not limited to residential properties only. As a part of our commercial handyman services, we can fix the wallpaper issues on your commercial property. We guarantee minimal disruption of work and ensure best results, the first time. Hire our expert handyman to improve the look of the walls in your home and office. Call (905) 502 0204 and book an appointment today.