Walk-in Closet RenovationWalk-in Closets are no Longer a Dream!

Walk-in closets do not belong to mansions and palaces only. You can have one in your home. Even a condo can have a dedicated place for your clothes and shoes. If you think that there is no space in your home, hire an expert home renovation contractor who will design a beautiful layout and build a walk-in closet to suit your style.

Choose The Home Improvement Group for a Luxurious Walk-in Closet

Usually, space is a constraining factor for homes in Toronto City. But, The Home Improvement Group has experience of working with several homeowners in and around Toronto. Do not worry if you have limited space for renovating the condo bathroom. Building a walk-in closet in your bedroom or adding a spacious one connecting to your bathroom is a piece of cake for us. We are a team of Toronto renovation experts who will ensure that your clothes, shoes and other accessories have a proper place. Discuss with us your dream walk-in closet ideas and we will create a beautiful and functional place for your belongings.

Toronto’s #1 Choice for Walk-in Closet Renovation

When it comes to building a new walk-in closet or renovating an old one, we are Toronto’s favorite choice. Why? The reasons are plenty.
  • The Home Improvement Group brings innovative ideas to make a space unique and beautiful.
  • Our team will help you finalize a layout for your closet. You can select “L” shaped closet or “U” shaped closet according to your requirements.
  • Our color consultants not only help you with painting the bathroom but also take care of customizing the closet with paint colors.
  • We ensure ample storage space by building a big wardrobe, plenty of drawers and big hanging space.
  • If there is ample space, we will build a dressing island for you to keep your outfit ready for the next day. Also, a shoe-wall or mannequins can be added to the closet to make it funky.
  • Our carpenters can build a small ottoman or a bench in the walk-in closet.
  • We can build as well as install a vanity in the closet with a large mirror, countertop, drawers and more.
  • Lighting is an important aspect of a walk-in closet. Our team of licensed electricians will work with you to find the best fixtures and lighting.

Bathroom with a Walk-in Closet: A Winning Renovation Idea

You need clothes after taking a bath. So, it is a practical idea to have walk-in closet near the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be great if the closet is attached to the bathroom? If you have a small room next to the bathroom, we can convert it into a full-size walk-in closet. It is nice to have an area specially designed for getting ready after a bath. We will connect the walk-in closet to the bathroom and ensure optimum use of the available space.

Contact the Toronto Renovation Expert Today!

Want to renovate the walk-in closet and make it more functional? Hire The Home Improvement Group to deliver the best results. We are Toronto’s favorite renovation contractor because we never cut corners and ensure that the walk-in closet is renovated according to your liking. Our team believes in craftsmanship and dedication. Hire us by calling on (905) 502 0204 today.