Lower Basement Floor in Toronto HomesLower the Basement Floor; Increase Living Space!

Buying a new home with a finished basement in Toronto is like finding a needle in haystack! And, even if you find one, it is difficult to buy it because of the sky-high real estate prices in the city and the nearby communities of GTA. But, you can always lower the basement floor and give a new look to your home. The Home Improvement Group will lower the basement and give you increased living space.

Hire Toronto’s Expert Contractor to Deepen the Basement Floor

When you are looking to deepen the basement floor and renovate it according to your needs, think of The Home Improvement Group. We are Toronto’s renowned basement renovation contractor. We can dig out the basement floor and increase the height of the basement. Lowering the basement floor is not a DIY job. You need the help of an expert structural engineer. Also, you need get the plan approved from the local Municipality and obtain the relevant permits from them. When you work with The Home Improvement Group, we take care of everything and help you to avoid the stress.  Our design-build team will create a design plan to lower the basement floor. Once you approve it, we will get the permit from the Toronto Building Department and start the work of deepening the basement.

Go under the Foundation with Underpinning!

When the foundation of your home is strong enough to sustain an excavation process, The Home Improvement Group will undertake an underpinning process. We will dig under the foundation and place concrete block to strengthen the foundation as well as to increase the height of the basement. It is a complex process and requires the expertise of a basement renovation contractor who has several years of experience. In no way, basement underpinning is a DIY job. Allow us to undertake the complex basement lowering process and we will deliver a beautiful finished basement in no time.

Build a Bench Structure with Bench Footing

A less time-consuming method of lowering the basement floor is bench-footing. Our crew will create a bench structured around the foundation to strengthen it and then dig out the basement floor to make additional living space in the basement. It is an ideal option when your neighbors are not allowing you to dig beneath the shared foundation wall. It is also a good technique for strengthening the current foundation structure.

Guaranteed Quality Results

Working with the foundation of your home is no joke! You cannot hire an inexperienced general contractor to dig around the foundation. If the contractor doesn’t know what he is doing, it can damage the structural integrity of your home. So, it is best to choose Toronto’s favorite basement renovation contractor to help you lower the basement floor accurately. The Home Improvement Group doesn’t cut corners and guarantees qualified results. Our 1 year warranty provides assurance to customers and makes us a favorite among GTA homeowners.  
Don’t think of selling your home in the current Toronto market. We can help you in solving your space issue by digging out the basement. We will lower the basement in a safe way so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your family members as well as your home. Call The Home Improvement Group today and allows us to create a beautiful finished basement for you. Dial (905) 502 0204 today for quick consultation.