Licensed Electricians TorontoA Flip of Switch can change your Home

Have you just bought a home and want to upgrade it to suit your lifestyle? Amidst all the painting renovations and installing custom cabinets, do not forget the electrical system of your home. Why? Usually, older homes have hidden electrical problems such as:
  • Ungrounded Outlets
  • Loose Outlets
  • Impaired Wiring System
  • Outdated Aluminum Wiring
  • Over-wired Panel
  • Wires connected outside of Electrical/Junction Box
  • Tattered Wiring in the Weather-head that causes Lights to flicker
  • No GFCIs ( Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters)
  • High Dependence on Extension Cords and Power Strips
Trust The Home Improvement Group, Caledon’s favorite electrical contractor to take care of all the electrical problems in your home. When you buy a new house or want to renovate your existing property, it is important to pay attention to the wiring. If you are business owner or condo business manager, we can help you with electrical renovation for your commercial property. Our electricians are experts in electrical repair and maintenance for offices, condos, restaurants, etc. You can hire our services to keep your business safe.

Detailed Inspection guarantees Best Results

A homeowner always thinks of the safety of his loved ones and the property. If you want to ensure safe living for your family, you must ensure the proper working of the electrical system of your home. The Home Improvement Group will inspect the electrical grid and help you to eliminate all the electrical problems. Our ECRA/ESA certified electricians will inspect the current problems in the wiring and also suggest you methods to avoid problems in the future. Also, the dedicated supervisor will provide you with a detailed budget to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

The Home Improvement Group is Caledon’s reputed Licensed Electrician

Want to customize the electrical system of your home to suit your needs? Do you want to create a specific mood for a room with the help of lighting? No matter what your demand is, the electrical contractor will handle it effectively. Our dedicated team of licensed electricians work on each and every aspect of the home electrical systems such as:
  • Electric service upgrade and electrical panel upgrade which address the need for more ports and more power.
  • Advancement of the obsolete electrical system of an old house and making it compliant according to the current city codes.
  • Undertaking rewiring of the entire property that has outdated Knob and Tube wiring.
  • Taking care of loose connections, loose outlets and other electrical issues in your home.
  • Reducing the electricity bill by adopting green methods and ensuring efficient use of day light.
  • We offer lighting installations in Caledon that involve provide a plethora of options to illuminate your home:
    • Installation of electrical fixtures such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, etc.
    • Installation of flush mount lighting, pendant lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, etc.
    • Installing artistic lighting fixtures in lawn, patio, driveway etc. to increase the curb appeal of your home.
    • Safe installation of electrical decorations for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays.
    • Correcting Electrical Code Violations and making your Home compliant to the standards of Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
Keeping a licensed electrician at your beck and call is a blessing in times of emergency. We will help you with problems such as short-circuits, power breakdowns, faulty wiring, burned-out lights, and repairing fans, heaters and other electrical emergencies to ensure a safe and shock-proof home.

Special Offer for Toronto Homeowners – Electrician for a Day

Many a times, there are several small electrical tasks in the home that can be finished within a day. You do not need to hire a handyman for it. You can hire a certified electrician to work for you and finish off tasks such as installing a chandelier, retrofitting LED bulbs, installing landscape lighting, repairing the receptacles, inspecting the electrical system, installing a backup generator and more. Enjoy dedicated service of ECRA/ESA licensed electricians for just $789 per day.

Customized Electrical Service to suit the mood of a Room

Lighting is an essential way of changing the mood of a room. Our expert electricians will suggest you diverse lighting forms and fixtures in order to create a desired effect in a room. For example, pendant lighting in the dining area will provide even light for dinner table conversations whereas task lighting will be ideal for a kitchen.
If you are looking for upgrading the electrical system of your home or are in need of advice, get in touch with The Home Improvement Group today. Dial (905) 502 0204 and get ready for a brighter, beautiful home.