Kitchen RenovationThe Kitchen is the Heart of the Home! We take Good Care of it.

A kitchen is made to bring families together. For a kitchen, you need practical solutions such as kitchen renovation that ensure easy cooking as well as guarantee comfortable seating for your loved ones. If you want a pretty and practical kitchen, you need to:


A Licensed Kitchen Renovation Contractor of Richmond-Hill

Thankfully, you can take expert help in doing all the work related to upgrading your kitchen. The Home Improvement Group is a renowned renovation contractor of Richmond-Hill Area. We are experts in creating a kitchen of your dreams and we deliver great results and absolute satisfaction to homeowners looking for:

    • Building a New Kitchen

Are you buying a new property in Toronto? Do you want to build a kitchen from scratch? The Home Improvement Group will provide you with several kitchen layouts such as the galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, etc. The kitchen renovation contractor will even help you pick out the right color, cabinets, flooring, etc. to create a dream kitchen.

    • Kitchen Remodeling

Do you want to add space by renovating your condo kitchen? Do you require a dining area in the kitchen to entertain friends and family? We will remodel the kitchen to suit your changing needs and give you the kitchen you deserve.

    • Kitchen Renovation

If you are looking for minor renovations in the cooking area, The Home Improvement Group assures you of faster results. Trust the reputed kitchen renovation contractor for installing countertop of your choice, building a custom cabinet according to your requirements, and adding additional electrical outlets for new appliances.


A Kitchen Renovation Contractor that suits your Style and Budget

The Home Improvement Group has the experience of building a new kitchen as well as handling minor renovations. We will help you to understand all the costs involved in renovating a kitchen. On the basis of your requirements, the kitchen renovation contractor of Richmond-Hill will to create a kitchen renovation budget that suits you financially. We will work closely with you and take your opinion on different aspects such as:

Area of the Kitchen

Not happy with the kitchen space? Do you think it is cramped? We will help you build an outdoor kitchen and provide you with different ideas to increase the kitchen space.

Raw Materials

We use top-quality raw materials to give you the best results. If you have any specific needs and demands, let us know. We will ensure that you get everything you want.

Storage Options

Want more storage options in the kitchen? Our carpentry team builds kitchen cabinets, shelves, wine racks and more as per your requirement.

Kitchen Cabinets

Are you interested in glass kitchen cabinets? Or do you like vintage arched cabinet doors? No matter your choice, we will help you install kitchen cabinets, repair them as well as customize them.

Kitchen Countertop

Nowadays, the options for installing kitchen countertops are limitless. You can go for traditional granite or marble. You can also choose concrete, glass or salvaged wood, the choice is yours.

Painting the Kitchen Walls

Paint the kitchen walls beautifully with spill-proof paint to ensure long-lasting color. We will paint accent wall in the kitchen and create beautiful color combinations to make your kitchen the apple of your eye.

Kitchen Flooring

What should you install first: flooring or cabinets? We help you make the decision. We are experienced in kitchen flooring installations. Wood, concrete or tiles, pick your choice and we will deliver beautiful kitchen floors that resonate with your personality.

Electrical and Lighting

Installing new lighting in the kitchen is a task of an expert. We will help you to choose the right lighting for different kitchen corners as well as assist you in picking up the perfect fixtures to make the kitchen stand apart.


The Home Improvement Group installs plumbing system in the kitchen to maintain its health. We take care of kitchen sinks, dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc. and make sure that cooking area remains clean.


When it comes to installing modern appliances in the kitchen, trust us. We guarantee correct installation to prevent any failure in the future. Rest assured! Our experts will work hard to ensure safety of your loved ones.

The Home Improvement Group guarantees Custom-Made Kitchen in Richmond-Hill

Saw a new kitchen idea on HGTV? Read about kitchen remodeling in the latest issue of Reno & Décor? The Home Improvement Group will transform your kitchen renovation ideas into beautiful kitchen spaces. Our team adheres to strict safety standards and will work hard to provide you with a safe yet stylish kitchen design. We will assist you in getting the necessary permit for beginning the renovation project quickly.

The Home Improvement Group is the perfect kitchen renovation company for giving a modern look to your kitchen or adding a rustic feel to the cooking area. We pay close attention to detail and use the finest material to build a kitchen that exceeds your expectations. Call the kitchen renovation experts on (905) 502 0204 for a quick on-site consultation in and around Richmond-Hill.