Kitchen Painting TorontoEvery Kitchen needs a Pop of Color

A kitchen is the most used part of a home. And, it is the part of the home that requires most attention. It is essential that the kitchen should be neat and clean because you do all the cooking and eating in the kitchen and dining area. Now, spending a large amount of money on kitchen renovation projects is not feasible every time. So, what do you do? Simple; hire a reputed painting contractor to paint the kitchen.

Painting the Kitchen is a Quick yet Durable Solution for Toronto Homeowners!

Renovating a kitchen, buying new appliances and hiring a handyman can become expensive and time-consuming. And, if you do not want to increase your budget, you can consider a painting job. It will not only provide you with a fresh new coat of paint on the wall but it will also solve a plethora of problems. By painting the kitchen, you will be able to:
  • Clear out dust, debris and mold
  • Get rid of food splatters and oil spills
  • The painting crew will take care of minor repairs
  • Get windows and doors caulked
  • Enjoy a clean and hygienic kitchen area

The Home Improvement Group – Toronto’s Expert Kitchen Painting Contractor

The Home Improvement Group is not your run-of-the-mill painter who will just focus on painting the walls and get out of the home as quickly as possible. We ensure a total kitchen renovation. Our painting supervisor and color consultant will visit your home and work with different color schemes until you find your best choice. We are Toronto’s first choice for painting kitchen because we do not cut corners and provide end-to-end kitchen painting services. When it comes to painting the kitchen walls, we ensure a step-by-step process to guarantee best results.
  1. Cleaning the area and removing appliances from the painting zone.
  2. Taping off the area for a clean look.
  3. Removing the old paint as well as wallpaper from  the kitchen walls
  4. Repairing cracks and holes in the walls
  5. Priming the walls and painting it beautifully.

Myriad Kitchen Painting Ideas to help you get started!

Don’t know what to paint in the kitchen? Think it is just the walls and the ceiling? Here’s more:
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets is the single-most popular painting project in Toronto and its surrounding communities of GTA. Why? It is because a simple change of color of the kitchen cabinets can enhance the beauty of a kitchen space. At The Home Improvement Group, we not only offer kitchen cabinetry installation services but also provide homeowners with kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services for different types of cabinets such as wood, MDF, wood veneer, particle board, plywood, etc. We can customize the maple and oak cabinets by staining them beautifully. If you have installed custom kitchen cabinets in the past, we can make changes according to your current requirements and make it trendy.
  • Door and Windows Painting

We paint the kitchen doors and windows to give you the best looking kitchen. Do not worry if you have got flat doors or the raised-panel ones. We will paint them beautifully and take care of minor repairs as well as caulking.
  • Moldings and Trims

Moldings and trims are very common in Toronto homes because it gives the room an old-world charm. It makes any room look elegant and splendid. We make them even more beautiful by choosing the right color and tools. We will help you make the room appear bigger by just tweaking the color of trims, moldings, chair rails and wainscotings.
  • Kitchen Backsplash Painting

Splatters and spills are very common for this area. We will paint the backsplash beautifully and apply an easy-to-clean finish. Alternatively, you can choose the current painting trend in Toronto markets of using the blackboard paint on the backsplash to write down recipes and reminders.
  • Kitchen Countertop Painting

Kitchen countertops stand the heat in the kitchen. But, that doesn’t mean they should only be functional. They can be beautiful as well. Today, you can mimic any look that you want with innovating paint finishes. You do not need to buy an expensive granite countertop or a steel one to enjoy its finish. We can install low-cost yet durable kitchen countertops and paint it with faux granite finish or satin-finish paint to help you achieve a beautiful elegant look.

Call us for Durable Kitchen Painting Results!

Make your kitchen the heart and the pride of your home. Discuss your kitchen painting requirements with The Home Improvement Group and get ready to paint the kitchen space beautifully. Call (905) 502 0204 for durable and elegant painting solutions.