Etobicoke’s Best HVAC Technicians at your Service!

Your home is your paradise after a hectic day. In order to make your home better for you, The Home Improvement Group promises the best HVAC services in Etobicoke and its nearby communities. Whether it is maintenance of the air conditioning system or emergency furnace repairs, you can rely our renowned services. Trust us, your house is in safe hands.

What HVAC Services are offered by The Home Improvement Group?

Our TSSA registered HVAC technicians offer the most comprehensive services to make sure that you are most relaxed and comfortable in your home. Our company is one of the most experienced HVAC companies in GTA. We conduct our business on the foundation of work ethics and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our list of services includes:
  • Heating
We all know how the Canadian climate can get in the cold winter months. Heating is absolutely crucial for your home when the temperature drops. And, we promise best practices to repair and install heating equipment that last really long.
  • Ventilation
To maintain the efficiency of the HVAC systems in your home or office, you need the duct-work to be accurate and precise. We take responsibility of installing, maintaining, cleaning, troubleshooting and everything else related to air ducts and vents.
  • Air Conditioning
No body likes to come home to a hot furnace! We ensure easy installation of ductless air conditioners as well as ducted ones according to your requirement. We guarantee high-performance cooling that is not only effective but cost-efficient & Eco-friendly as well.

How do we help you in improving the HVAC system of your Home?

  • Furnaces – In addition to being one of the most essential appliances in a Etobicoke home, furnaces are known to be difficult to install. We have the best gas technicians to take care of furnace installations and repairs.
  • Boilers – When it comes to installing a hydronic heating system to keep the house warm, you need experts who are specially trained for it. Do not worry about the condensing gas boilers when we are here to help you.
  • Fireplace – Operating a fireplace or maintaining it is no task for a layman. Our gas technicians will quickly solve the heat issue of the fireplace so that you do not have to spend a moment in cold.
  • Tank Water Heaters & Tank-less Water Heaters – Both the appliances pose different complications while installation and maintenance. At The Home Improvement Group, we are well-versed in both technologies.
  • Air Conditioners – We help you with all types of air conditioners including Carrier, Trane, Lennox and several other brands. Whether it is a ducted AC or a split ductless AC, we are your trusted technicians.
  • Air Ducts & Vents – Our air-vent cleaning technicians employ the best techniques to maintain superior air quality in homes. We conduct thorough inspection of ducts, filters & vents so you stay away seasonal allergies & respiratory diseases.

Multiple HVAC Service Plans to suit your Needs

At The Home Improvement Group, we believe in being useful to homeowners and deliver superior-quality, safe homes to Canadians. We offer highly customized HVAC services that cater to your different needs. Whether it is an installation project or a repair job, we promise professionalism and dedication. We have different HVAC preventative maintenance plans that include regular inspection and high-quality repairs. If you are worried about a sudden issue with the HVAC system of your home, you can choose a comprehensive repair and protect plan that includes 24/7 HVAC emergency repair services.

Do not avoid HVAC Maintenance due to Financing

Installing a new tank-less boiler or opting for a superior furnace can take a toll on your financial condition. But, do not compromise quality over cost. The Home Improvement Group offers financing options through various resources. It means you can opt for affordable monthly payments with manageable interest rates and no down payment.

Why The Home Improvement Group is your Best Bet?

  • Trustworthy, dependable team of TSSA licensed technicians
  • WSIB complaint HVAC company
  • 5 million in liability insurance
  • Incredible work ethics
  • Certified HVAC technicians to improve the climate of your home.
  • Efficient knowledge about local codes and regulations
  • Accuracy and precision in diagnosing the problems
  • Warranty on our service for stress-free home improvement
The Home Improvement Group doesn’t shy away from complex home improvement projects. Nor, do we avoid small HVAC repair jobs. No project is too complicated or too small for us. Whether it is repairing the boiler or cleaning the vents, call us on (905) 502 0204 and we promise immediate assistance. When it comes to creating a comfortable, relaxed and clean atmosphere in your home, trust our reliable HVAC services!