House Siding Repair: Why should you hire a Siding Renovation Contractor?

House Siding Repair: Why should you hire a Siding Renovation Contractor?

Now that the cold winter days are coming to an end, there is nothing more exciting than beginning to work on the exterior of your home. It is time to focus on the old house siding that is becoming a sort of an eyesore for you. Remember, installing a new siding is not always the answer. Sometimes, a simple repairing job can also work wonders. Let’s learn how to tackle a broken-down siding and find out ways of reviving it successfully.

A good-looking siding not only improves the curb appeal of your home but it also does the work of protecting the property from water and moisture build-up. You get to enjoy a charming house exterior while maintaining the structural integrity of the property. Maintaining the siding and keeping it new is a great way of boosting the value of your home. When you are undertaking a siding renovation project in your home, make sure that you are accompanied by an expert siding renovation contractor.

Unlike a simple painting job, repairing the house siding is not a DIY project. It is a big investment. And, you could benefit from having a professional at your beck and call.

New VS. Repair – A Siding Renovation Expert can guide you!

Not everything that’s damaged needs replacement. Sometimes, you can get away by simply repairing the siding. Making a choice between repairing the old siding and installing a new one requires thorough inspection and knowledge. And, only an experienced siding contractor can help you with it.

  • Does the warped siding feel soft and rotted to the core?
  • Peeling paint can allow severe moisture seepage so make sure you check for it.
  • Are there signs of mold, mildew and moisture damage on the siding and the exterior of your house?
  • Is there a severe problem of dry rot and fungus damage to the siding?

If you find a majority of the siding damaged by moisture, it is best to replace it with a new, stronger one. But in some cases, the siding repair expert may ask you to replace the damaged parts of the siding and thus, save you money

What is the Best Siding Material for my Home?

Even though wooden siding offers a unique charm and character to your home, it is not possible to install wood siding every time. Availability of a variety of siding materials, the exterior of your home, future home improvement projects, environmental conditions and your budget dictate the choice of material. The decision can get confusing but working with an expert will ensure that you make an informed decision. The contractor will give you a better idea of common materials used in your area, the durability of each material and a suitable choice within your budget.

If your budget is limited, you can avoid the expensive wooden siding material that can cost you a fortune. You may have to pay $6-$9 per square foot for wooden shingle siding and $5-$8 per square foot for clapboard siding. The cost of stucco siding is almost the same. On the other hand, vinyl siding starts from $2 and can go up to $8 per square foot depending on your choice.

Choosing the Color of the Siding: An Essential Task

Whether you want the siding to blend in with the exterior of your home or stand out completely, your decision depends on your preference and choice. Usually, HOAs have a say in choosing the color. Adhere to the rules set by them in order to avoid hefty fines.

The weather plays a big role in deciding the exterior colors. If you live in a hot climate, a lighter shade will suit the siding. To complement the color scheme, choose a color that blends well with other parts of your home.  If you are confused about making a choice, seek the advice of the siding renovation contractor. He will have a team of color consultants who can help you make the right decision.

Seek the Contractor’s Help for the Insurance Process

Canada has witnessed more than its fair share of storms this year. If the siding of your home was damaged during one such storm, you can ask your insurance provider to cover for the replacement/repair costs. But not every damage is covered by your provider. In order to understand the impact of the damage, you need a siding contractor to conduct a preliminary inspection. An experienced siding repair contractor can help you ascertain the damage caused by extreme weather conditions. It is best to have an expert take a look at the siding before the adjuster inspects the damages.

Your home is your treasure. And, the siding protects it from damage. Replacing the siding or installing a brand-new siding is a complex project. It requires the expertise of a siding contractor. Ask around to find names of reputed contractors in your area. The internet is also one way of researching different contractors. Obtain estimates from a few siding contractors and choose one that offers affordable and reliable service.

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