HandymanYour To-Do List is our Task now!

Happiness is a clean and organized home. But, with our hectic lives, it becomes impossible to take care of repair and maintenance work in the home. And, that is where The Home Improvement Group comes into picture. Trust us for professional handyman services. We will finish all the maintenance work that you have been putting off for long.

Handyman Services at your Doorstep

Owning a home is a great responsibility. It doesn’t just end with building a dream home. Lot of work is necessary for keep your home from becoming a nightmare. If you do not have the time to deal with repairing a floor or fixing the plumbing system, call the experts.

The Home Improvement Group provides on-site consultation to offer you an accurate estimate of the repair work. The handyman staff is professional, experienced and friendly. Our services are not limited to residential properties. We offer office maintenance and repair services to keep your commercial properties up-to-date. On-time completion of work and minimal disruption are the reasons behind our success as a commercial handyman. So, do not worry if you want to hire our services for your home or office. You are in safe hands.

Take Advantage of Handyman-for-a-Day Service in Milton

Every homeowner knows that constant upkeep is necessary for every home. And, sometimes a professional is needed to take care of minor renovation and repair. If you do not pay attention to the minor issues in your home, they can quickly snowball into a disaster. In such a situation, hiring a handyman can help you reduce renovation costs.

You can hire our handyman services for a day and we will finish all the jobs listed on your to-do list. We assure a quick makeover of your home in just $599. So, do not worry if you want to assemble furniture, paint the garage or fix the broken shingles. We will work hard to ensure a beautiful-looking home.

The Home Improvement Group provides an Array of Handyman Services in Milton

Pinterest made us believe that every job in the world is a DIY job. But, several decor fails and cooking disasters later, we know otherwise. Not every home improvement job is a DIY job. Allow The Home Improvement Group to tackle your home repair projects successfully. No job is too complicated for us. We can help you with decorating your home for Holidays as well. Our handyman will make your home is Halloween-ready in no time.

The Home Improvement Group will take care of repair and maintenance work such as:

  • Repairing the holes in drywall.
  • Fixing countertops to improve the look of the kitchen.
  • Maintaining the deck to avoid weather damage.
  • Repairing the door if it doesn’t open or shut properly.
  • Repairing cracks due to settling, wear and tear, etc.

Furniture Assembly

If you have purchased new equipment or a piece of furniture, our expert handyman team will assemble it. We offer efficient furniture assembly service in Milton and take care of bed frame, book case, deck, table, basketball pole, etc. efficiently.


If you want a new deck, a new dining table for your family or a custom bookshelf, our handyman team is experienced in carpentry services. Take advantage of expert carpenters and we will build custom kitchen cabinets, personalized bookshelves, customized patio furniture and more.


The Home Improvement Group offers installation and repair services in Milton. We will help you in:


If your to-do list has exterior repair work, do not sweat. Allows us to handle exterior maintenance work such as:

  • Cleaning the rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Pressure washing the deck.
  • Tree cutting and maintenance of garden.
  • Siding repair.
  • Painting the garage.
  • Applying finish to the patio, etc.


A well-maintained drainage system keeps the home healthy and hygienic. If you do not maintain the drainage system, it can cause illness and harm the health of your family members. Our handyman team is expert at plumbing work which involves installing a new bathtub, unclogging the drain, replacing the faucets as well as taking care of leakage.

Licensed Professional Handyman at Your Service

With The Home Improvement Group, you can sit back and relax. We have 2 million in liability insurance and our handyman team is covered under WSIB. Also, the renovation expert will assume the responsibility of obtaining necessary permits from the local municipality. It ensures you a stress-free renovation work.

Truly, The Home Improvement Group is the perfect help that you need for keeping your home in perfect shape. Call (905) 502 0204 or contact online for a quick consultation. Get in touch now to obtain a free estimate.