Electrical Panel Upgrade Service TorontoElectrical Service and Panel Upgrade to match your Requirements

In today’s world of technology, energy consumption of every Toronto household has sky-rocketed. A couple of years ago, a few electrical outlets and a 100 amp service were enough for a homeowner. But, today, with several different gadgets, the older homes have become incapable in handling the additional demand for power. Hence, a licensed electrician will suggest you a “service change”. Upgrading the electrical service and panel is a task of a licensed electrician. If the process is not done properly, it can lead to electrical code defects. And, then you will have to spend additional money on electrical code corrections and make your home compliant to the current standards. But, when you work with Home Improvement Group, you do not have to worry. We have licensed electricians who upgrade electrical panel and assume the responsibility of “service change” requests of several Toronto homeowners. We can work quickly and provide you with a safe home.

Detailed Demand Calculation for an Accurate Electrical Service Upgrade

The Home Improvement Group believes in accuracy. We are popular among Toronto homeowners because we do not cut corners and fully comprehend your requirements. We ascertain your “demand calculation” according to the criteria set by The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). We calculate the area of your home, heating and air-conditioning needs, number of water heaters, along with any new home additions. An accurate “demand calculation” is important because the local utility will demand it before approving your service/panel upgrade request. Once we undertake a detailed calculation of your requirements, our licensed electricians will suggest you if a “service change” is enough or an electrical panel upgrade is necessary.

How to upgrade Electrical Service from 100 Amps to 200 Amps in Toronto?

With the help of “demand calculation”, you will be able to know if your home requires 200 amps or 400 amps. Once the licensed electrician knows the requirements, he will put a “service change” request with the local utility company and begin the process. If you want to increase the electrical service of your office, factory or warehouse, you can hire our commercial electrical services and opt for an upgrade quickly. Upgrading the electrical service of your home from 100 amps to 200 amps can include changing the electric panel to complement the high power supply. It may include upgrading the meter socket, the ground system as well as the wire that connects the meter and the panel. Our licensed electrician will inspect the panel for damage and contamination. He will provide you with an honest review of the situation and suggest an electric panel upgrade, if he finds it necessary for a shock-proof home.

Choose The Home Improvement Group for Electrical Panel Upgrade in Toronto

In a few situations, the electric service of your home may be sufficient to manage your power demands. But, the electric panel may require change to accommodate additional circuits.  If you need to install a few specialty breakers, a panel change becomes necessary. Usually, insurance companies compel Toronto homeowners to change the electric panel from fuses to brakes.  When it comes to additional power demand, fuse panels become risky and so your insurance company asks you to upgrade to a breaker panel. If that’s your situation, having a licensed electrician at your beck and call will prove to be boon for you. The Home Improvement Group is a trusted licensed electrician who uses high-quality electric panels. Every electric service upgrade or panel upgrade that we undertake is supervised by professionals. Our customers experience peace of mind because we provide a 1 year warranty on our service. You can contact our happy customers and understand the level of dedication and expertise our electricians have.

Call Today for Electric Service and Panel Upgrades

If you think that your home needs a “service change” from 100 amps to 200 amps or more, get in touch with The Home Improvement Group. We can even help you to increase the service quickly to ensure safe installation of electrical decorations during Halloween and Christmas. With a detailed “demand calculation”, we will help you upgrade the electric service of your home and empower with you additional power supply. We will even upgrade the electric panel to ensure a safe home. Simply call on (905) 502 0204 to get in touch with GTA’s reputed licensed electrician.