Design-Build Contractor TorontoRenovating your Home – A Wise Investment Decision

Building a dream home is about desire and fantasy. The Home Improvement Group will build a dream home for you. The design-build contractor commits to the highest level of quality. We have the experience of converting your ideas into viable designs and the designs into customized sturdy structures.

The cost of a new home in Markham and its surrounding areas is increasing day by day. So, homeowners are opting for renovating their current property instead of buying an expensive one. Truly, it makes more financial sense to remodel your home according to your choice instead of searching the city for a home that compliments your style.

Why hire a Design-Build Contractor for Renovating your Markham Home?

As a homeowner, you have a several responsibilities. You cannot be on top of your office work and spend time with family if you have to run after the architect and the general contractor. Also, getting permit for the renovation project can be a time-consuming affair. When you are running low on time, it is best to hire a design-build contractor who will do all the work for you.

It is better than to opt for design-bid-build approach because it involves hiring an architect and a general contractor separately. Both the professionals may compete with each other and leave you to tackle everything. It is best to adopt the design-build approach as you will have to deal with one single entity.

What can The Home Improvement Group do for you?

The Home Improvement Group is a pro at transforming your ideas into reality. We will help you to:


At The Home Improvement Group, it all begins with a Design

The design-build construction company believes that your home is the representation of your style and status. So, if you want to upgrade your Markham home, you will have to renovate/remodel it. And, the renovation process begins with accurate design and drawings. In order to understand your requirements completely, our design-build experts will discuss several questions with you such as:

  • How do you want your home to look?
  • Does it match your lifestyle?
  • Is it able to satisfy your needs accurately?
  • Are you looking for minor upgrades?
  • Do you have any specific ideas in your mind?
  • Do you have any budgetary constraints?


Total Attention on Design and Build

The design-build team of The Home Improvement Group believes that accurate planning is the difference between success and failure. We will help you to create a drawing that satisfies your needs and matches your status. By having an accurate drawing ready before initiating the building process, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your home will be an accurate reality of your dreams and ideas.
  • The home renovation project will finish on time.
  • Quality design and drawings will save you from spending money on rework.
  • It will save you from inconvenience.


The Four-Pronged Approach to Design and Build

Inspection of the Property

The design-build construction team will visit your property and inspect it before creating a plan. A proper inspection helps us in understanding several aspects of your property such as the strength of the foundation, the kind of renovation that the house requires, etc.


After inspecting the Toronto property and understanding your requirements, our experts start the task of incorporating your ideas into a practical viable design. We consider your budget as well as ensure a minimum time-frame to deliver quick results.


Once you are on board and agree to the design and drawings, we initiate the process of obtaining relevant permits for the renovation job.

Attention to Detail

Once the plan is ready, we get down to renovating your home. The Home Improvement Group has experience of working with talented crew and delivering accurate results.

If you want to build a home that is the star of your area, you need to employ the experts from the very start of the renovation process. Trust the best design-build contractor of Markham . Call (905) 502 0204 to get in touch with The Home Improvement Group and change your vision into reality!