Condo RenovationWe renovate Condos to give you your Happy Place.

A home is a happy place. And, we make sure that your condominium makes you happy. If you are interested in renovating your living space and want it to suit your style, you have come to the right place. The Home Improvement Group is experienced in handling complex remodeling of condo units as well as minor maintenance work.

Condos are Different. But, it’s nothing we cannot handle.

Renovating a single-family home is a different story than undertaking the renovation of a condo unit. Why? The condominium board requires you to adhere to the rules and statues while renovating your condo unit. It is for the same reason that you require the professional renovation services of The Home Improvement Group. If your renovation contractor doesn’t know much about the condo board’s rule, you will have to rebuild the entire condo unit. It means waste of time, money and energy. But, The Home Improvement Group is different. Our condo renovation team gets in touch with your condo board and gives it a heads-up about the proposed renovation plan.

Does your Condo Board have the following Rules?

  • The board prevents you from making any changes to the balconies, windows, corridors, plumbing, load bearing walls, electrical system, etc.
  • There are rules related to the hours of renovation work, building access, level of noise, dumping of trash, storage of raw materials, use of elevator, parking rules, etc.
  • You have to take permission of the condo board before hiring a renovation contractor.
  • The condo board requires deposits to handle any harm caused to the elevator, parking space, etc. due to the renovation of your condo unit.

The Home Improvement Group guarantees the Best Renovation Service for your Etobicoke Condo

Do not worry about the rules that you need to follow for making changes in the condo unit. The renovation experts at The Home Improvement Group will help you in:  

Why choose The Home Improvement Group for renovating your Condo?

The Home Improvement Group is the ideal renovating contractor for your Etobicoke condo unit because:
  • Experience of 20 years of the home improvement industry.
  • Effective on-site inspection to help you create an ideal proposed renovation plan.
  • Adequate knowledge of obtaining permission from the condo board for a variety of renovation projects.
  • The contractor ensures that the workmen are protected by liability insurance.
  • The team of condo renovation is covered under WSIB.
  • Attention to detail.
  • We guarantee on-time completion of the work.
With any renovation project, there comes a plethora of problems and obstacles. And, you definitely need a professional Etobicoke condo renovation contractor who will go the extra mile in converting your ideas and dreams into a physical reality. Trust The Home Improvement Group for renovating your condo according to your style. We help you add style to your living space. Get in touch today by contacting online or calling on (905) 502 0204.