Electrical Code CorrectionOur Licensed Electricians inspect Homes to keep you Safe!

Today, no home is without electricity! Electrical appliances and hi-tech gadgets are the order of the day. But, it doesn’t mean they are safe. You have to ensure that your home is code compliant. If it has serious code defects, you will have to face severe penalty from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). So, it is imperative to hire a licensed electrician to inspect your home for electrical code violations and take care of them.

Electrical Code Compliance – A Must for Homeowners

At The Home Improvement Group, we not only undertake electrical renovation work for old homes, but we also inspect residential and commercial properties for correcting electrical code violations. We believe code compliance is not only necessary for avoiding penalties but also important for the safety of your family members. Trust us for making your home safer than before! The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is the state electrical safety regulator. Its job is to ensure that people follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and stay away from electrical harm. As the technology evolves, ESA makes constant revisions to the Safety Code. Currently, the 26th edition of the Safety Code is in effect. And, any electrical work that you have undertaken in your home after May 5, 2016 should meet the standards of the current code. If you want to ensure safety of your home and avoid electrical mishaps, it is in your best interest to conduct periodical electrical inspections on your property and live in a code-compliant home.

Electrical Inspection can show you the Real Picture

Are you inheriting a property? Or are you finalizing the purchase of an old home? When it comes to code compliance, old homes require thorough electrical inspection. If you are buying an old home, we suggest you to hire The Home Improvement Group for inspecting the electrical system of the property. Most old homes require an electrical panels/services upgrade and replacement of knob and tube wiring. But, there can be several other serious electrical code violations. They can prove to be harmful for your investment. Fortunately, we can assess a property and make it worthy of your standards. Even if you are buying a new home, or building one, remember that installing new lighting is not the only thing in which you require the help of a licensed electrician. The Home Improvement Group will confirm that the builder delivers his promises by inspecting the new property and ensures that the electrical system is compliant with the current Safety Codes.

Why choose The Home Improvement Group for correcting Electrical Code Violation in Toronto?

Every home’s electrical needs are different. It means code violations for every home are going to different as well. Our ECRA/ESA certified electricians have wide experience of electrical inspections and can correct a multitude of electrical code violations easily. We are experts in correcting violations related to:
  • Defective electric panels
  • Inadequate electrical service
  • Incorrect installation of wiring
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Usage of old electrical appliances and hardware
  • Weak connections
  • Any other types of electrical faults, etc.

Complete Electrical Safety with The Home Improvement Group

Our services are not limited to electrical renovations and electrical code corrections for homes. You can hire our commercial electrical services for Toronto businesses. We will inspect your commercial property and make it code compliant. Our expert electricians will also help you with electrical emergencies. If there is short-circuit or water flooding in the basement, we can help you take care of it.
Be it correcting electrical code violations and making your home code compliant or lighting the landscape beautifully, The Home Improvement Group is the ideal partner for your electrical needs. Work with the licensed electrician to ensure total safety of your investment as well as your loved ones. Call (905) 502 0204 to book an appointment today.