Child-Friendly Bathroom RenovationA Child-Friendly Bathroom to keep your Little Kid Safe

Do you have small children in the home? Or are you expecting a new born in the family? When you have a kid in the picture, it is important to ensure child safety measures. If you want to renovate the bathroom in your home, it is essential to make it kid friendly. But, is it easy to find a bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto who can guarantee a bathroom that’s safe for your children?

The Home Improvement Group is at your Service!

The Home Improvement Group is Toronto’s premier home renovation expert. With our bathroom renovations as well as bathroom painting services, we ensure that you get everything that you desire. If you want a child-friendly home and provide your little ones with a safe yet fun bathroom space, hire us. We are your best choice. Here are a couple of benefits that come with hiring us:
  • Licensed Bathroom Renovation Contractor
  • Experienced Renovation Team
  • Professional Consultants
  • High Selection Criteria for the Crew
  • Warranty on Service
  • Use of Quality Raw Material
We believe in giving you the best renovation results. We are dedicated to ensure safety of your children and do not cut corners while making the bathroom kid friendly.

How does The Home Improvement Group build a Child-friendly Bathroom?

The Home Improvement Group advises low-maintenance renovation ideas and neutral fixtures for Toronto homes with children. It is because your children will outgrow the current theme of the bathroom and you may be forced to change it soon. We will help you in the following ways to make the bathroom space right for your children:
  • Installation of Slip-Resistant Flooring

Not every tile is built to be child-friendly.  We will provide you with tile options that are not slippery and injury-prone. We suggest you to avoid high-gloss finish flooring options to avoid accidents. If you have decided on a flooring option, let us know. We will help you install it accurately and quickly.
  • Customized Countertops and Bath Vanity Cabinets

We have team of carpenters and handymen who will build bathroom countertops and vanity cabinets to give a makeover to the bathroom. We create detachable lift-steps in the cabinets to ensure high customization. We will design a bathroom space with ample storage area to ensure that your children have enough space to enjoy the bathing time.
  • Installation of an Accessible Bathtub

Bathtubs can quickly become a reason of injuries. So, many parents convert the bathtub into shower. If you do not want to remove the bathtub, we will work with you to keep the tub safe. We can make it easily accessible by including a few steps into the tub. We can install anti-slip strips in front of the bathtub to prevent falls. If you are interested in installing an undermount bathtub, trust us for perfect installation the first time.

Call Toronto’s Favorite Bathroom Renovation Contractor to help you

When you have specific renovation needs for the bathroom, there is one company that you can trust to deliver. Call (905) 502 0204 to hire bathroom renovation experts today. We will ensure quality service and workmanship. Get in touch with us today to upgrade the bathroom space according to the needs of your children.