Basement WaterproofingWet Basement Repair to keep your Home Dry!

A wet basement can not only ruin the look, but it can also damage the structural integrity. So, if you see signs of moisture, mold or leakage in the basement, do not wait for long! Hire The Home Improvement Group to take care of wet basement. We will repair the basement, waterproof the area and provide a clean and healthy living space.

Toronto’s Best Waterproofing Contractor at your Service!

Do you want to build a home office in the basement or convert the basement into a rental property? Before you invest in the basement, make sure that it doesn’t have any water problems. Basements are the most neglected areas in Toronto homes and they can have water leakage and flooding issues. If the basement in your home gets flooded during monsoon, get in touch with The Home Improvement Group. We are basement renovation experts and can waterproof the area in no time. Our services include:
  • Thorough inspection by engineers
  • Detailed estimate of the waterproofing project
  • Obtaining permits from the local authorities
  • On-time completion of work
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • 1 year warranty of work
  • Total basement renovation services including basement underpinning, basement painting and more.

Basement Waterproofing – A Task best left to Experts

Just like you hire a renovation contractor to lower the basement floor, you need a waterproofing expert for the basement. It is because an expert contractor can detect the real problem and provide you with a long-lasting solution to it. Once our engineers analyses the water problem, we will be able to tell you whether a simple sump-pump installation will solve the problem or a more intrusive exterior waterproofing solution is required.
  • Interior Waterproofing Solutions

If the moisture problem is minor and the basement is unfinished, an interior waterproofing solution works best. There are several ways to removing moisture from the basement. We will install a sump pump to remove water from the area. And, a weeping tile to reduce moisture. Injecting polyurethane in the cracks and using waterproof coating are other ways of preventing water infiltration in the basement.
  • Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

When interior waterproofing is not rendering positive results, it is best to go for exterior waterproofing. The technique works best for homes with major flooding problems. The Home Improvement Group will undertake careful excavation around your home to expose the foundation wall. We will use high-quality hydraulic cement, drainage membranes, and weeping tiles to prevent water and moisture from entering your home.

24*7 Emergency Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Crises do not give a warning! If you are facing a major crisis situation due to a broken sump pump, flooding in the basement, leakage in the walls, contact us. We provide emergency waterproofing services in Toronto and the surrounding communities of GTA. Our expert technicians will be at your doorstep and manage the situation in no time.

Hire The Home Improvement Group; Call Now!

Flooding, leakages and moisture are common problems that every homeowner faces. But, it doesn’t mean that the problems are trivial. Water can damage the foundation of your home and make it weak. Not to mention, mold and mildew will ruin the interior of your home. So, it is best to nip it in the bud. Hire The Home Improvement Group when you see the first signs of water damage in the basement. Dial (905) 502 0204 today for learning more about our waterproofing services in Toronto.