Basement RenovationFrom a dark storage place to a beautiful living space! We make basements beautiful.

Basements are the most ignored part of a house. They are damp, dark, unpleasant storage places to hide unwanted knick-knacks and old, broken furniture. But, you can renovate the basement and make it the pride of your home. The Home Improvement Group will provide you with finished basement and enable you to create an extended living space in your home.

Call The Home Improvement Group to take care of Unfinished Basement

Unfinished basement can be an eye sore for you. If your house has a basement area with uncovered concrete or exposed electrical and plumbing system, you should consider renovating it. The Home Improvement Group will finish the basement without putting any unmanageable burden on your wallet. We help you to know the cost of basement renovation and provide you with a detailed cost analysis to help you make the decision.

When it comes to Basement Renovation Ideas, the Sky is the Limit!

From a futile area in your home to a fruitful living space, The Home Improvement Group will transform the basement of your property completely. We will provide you with unique basement renovation ideas and help you beautify your home. Markham’s best basement renovation contractor has an expert crew of insured and licensed workers. We believe in professional services and guarantee you total dedication. Once you decide what you want to do with the basement, our crew will convert any of the following ideas into a reality:
  • Turn your basement into a rental property
  • Create an extended living space for a family member
  • Transform the basement into an entertainment area
  • Build a family room
  • Create a wine cellar
  • Build your office
  • Add a fireplace
  • Paint the basement wall to suit your style
When it comes to finished basements, the possibilities are endless. You can create a functional living space and add value to your home.

The Home Improvement Group puts an End to Basement Problems

Constant neglect of the basement area is often the reason of damage caused to the property. But, if you repair the basement and renovate it, you can avoid expensive structural repair in the future. The Home Improvement Group will take care of several issues such as:
  • Cramped Space – You can consider basement underpinning and bench footing, to increase the height of the basement.
  • Dull Ambience – Inadequate lighting and improper ventilation can give a gloomy feeling to the basement. The Home Improvement Group will paint the walls in bright colors and ensure proper lighting as well as ventilation for you.
  • Waterproofing the Basement – With durable interior and exterior basement waterproofing techniques, we will solve the problem of wet basement and leakage in walls.
  • Foundation Repair – Qualified structural engineers will take care of foundation repair.
  • Repair/Replace Sump Pump – Our company will repair/replace the sump pump and ensure its proper working for rainy days.

Permits and Regulations

If you want to lower the basement floor, you need permission from the government. The Home Improvement Group will do all the legwork of obtaining the necessary permits from the local municipality. Our dedicated supervisor will handle all the legal aspects of renovating the basement and ensure that all the regulations are met effectively.
Truly, a basement is a goldmine for homeowners, if you used it properly. You can renovate the basement to earn money from it or simply use it to spend quality time with family. Call The Home Improvement Group today on (905) 502 0204 and book an appointment for a free consultation.

One of the most asked question – Should I get a permit to finish my basement?

The very first step if you want a license to refinish your basement in identifying will be to establish if it’s, in reality, a cellar or a basement. Though both conditions are always mistaken for one another, they’re different based on the city Department of Buildings (DOB), whereas a cellar is at least 50% below grade. A basement is at least 50% above level and is thought of as space. A basement isn’t considered habitable space and so, is restricted in its usage. A basement can’t be utilized for main or sleeping, eating cooking functions. It could be renovated to accommodate home functions such as a rec room or storage space, and possibly a kitchen that was secondary, or a 3/4 or half tub. Whether your home’s level is regarded as a basement or basement development will need licenses, also will need an architect to document plans with the DOB. The most frequent renovation into a cellar is the inclusion of an excess bedroom, a bathroom or a kitchen, and sometimes, all three. Permits are needed when renovating a cellar to include area and strategies need to be registered together with the DOB. Refinishing the cellar is just one of those jobs which folks believe since the job is not visible from the road, that they can do with a construction permit. That is a mistake. If you get captured, the Building Department can induce you to remove the progress or legalize the job.
“Markham city implements various authority’s processes if they suspect work has been done without a license. Enforcement may have a breach for the job done, an Order to Vacate, or a Cease Work Order, all of which will endure fines and will halt the progress of this project.”
If you’re a handy homeowner, together with the capability to make improvements to your house, beware. The identical filing and permitting requirements to apply to you, though if you aren’t one of the “basement remodeling contractors” This job, you’re performing to remodel or renovate your home’s specifications determine if there is or not a license necessary, not who’s currently doing the job. The large concern about renovating or remodeling your basement would be when a professional contractor does not secure a license for the job when it’s apparent that the job being done requires a license. That form of negligence puts the homeowner at a position, since the need to make alterations, and also the burden of their fines, falls into the lap of the homeowner. When a contractor tells you not to get licenses to conserve costs, you should avoid working with that contractor. A contractor that doesn’t secure a license for any job that needs one is not licensed and does not have both, or insurance. The obligation for a building job is supposed by the individual or business that the license is issued to. Stated, they do not secure a license, and should you employ a contractor to complete your basement you the homeowner, then assume all liability to your undertaking. When a worker becomes hurt, what happens? They’ll come after you. He’d cause any mishaps In case the contractor has secured the license for your job. A contractor will take workers’ compensation insurance, in addition to both liability insurance, and this can protect you. The aim of submitting a work permit with the DOB is that the security and functioning of the job by verifying that work was done in accordance with local building code. It is based upon the range of job licenses that might be needed for building, plumbing, and electric work. Our advice for you is that in no way, shape, or form is it worth attempting to get away’ without completing your basement with no license. If you’re thinking about trimming your basement to use as a lease, there’s not any doubt your very first telephone call should be on a registered architect. The leasing of a cellar at a two-family dwelling would lead to altering the condition of the construction to multiple residences (three-family or much more ) and might call for a new certificate of occupancy. The exact same would apply for a house, which might necessitate altering the building’s condition. Apart from another vital factor previously, there’s virtually always a correlation between the character of the completed project and if a license was issued. There is An experienced and insured contractor required to utilize insured subcontractors for work like plumbing, mechanical, and electric. Any contractor who has taken the opportunity to set themselves with insurance, a permit, and a history of customers won’t cut corners using tradespeople. Obviously, there are additional variables besides being insured and licensed that independent one builder from a different, but when a contractor is not inclined to pull the license for the job, cross them off the list of consideration and continue to some more specialist basement finishing contractor.